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Sustainable Event – How to make your event greener


Hello friends, how are you? I am Ivy from Special Projects and I bring another tip to the event producers. Today we are going to talk about a very important issue for the environment and society: How to produce a sustainable event.

As many people know, there is a great concern of our society with the protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources, recycling and more. People may not even stop to think about it, but even a one-day event can and should be sustainable.

Check out some tips that can make a event sustainable and do your part in protecting the world.

How to ensure a sustainable event

There are simple tips and processes you can take to ensure a more sustainable event that will bring many benefits to society.

Adequate lighting

As is well known, there are several different types of lighting. The most modern lamps, made in LED, are much more economical and last much longer, greatly reducing energy consumption, as well as reducing the amount of waste generated.

You can save up to 80% energy by choosing smart lamps.

Decrease printouts

The vast majority of what is printed ends up being dumped after the end of the event. Some of these materials may not even be recycled and end up being returned to nature in an inappropriate way, polluting the environment.

Instead of using banners and other types of prints to get attention and communicate with customers, how about opting for Led panels? In addition to being economical and much more dynamic, LED panels avoid wasting raw materials and spending on paper and other materials.

Bet on the use of public transportation

How about offering buses or other public transportation to take the guests to the venue from a meeting point? With this the event can reduce the amount of CO2 emission, one of the main causes of damage to the environment.

It is also possible to choose a location near bus, subway or train stops to hold the event.

Use special non-disposable cups

Disposable cups pose a major problem for the environment. One cool tip is to use non-disposable cups as a toast to the event. Besides greatly pleasing the guests, who will win this excellent gift, you also lessen the environmental impact caused.

Destroy waste to the right place

Whether or not you want it, the event will end up generating waste and waste. That’s why it’s very important to make sure everything goes to the right place. For example, waste paper can be recycled to companies. Oils and vegetables can be sent to companies that make soap and so on. Each waste has the best type of disposal, be sure to take this into account during the post-event.

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