LG Washing Machine Repair: End All Your Machine Problems

LG Washing Machine Repair

LG is a popular brand that offers varieties of home appliances and electronics. LG washing machine is one of such electronic devices that are available in both automatic and semi-automatic mode. Even now several models of LG washing machines are there-from 20kg to 3.5 kg that you can use for cleaning all types of clothes.

But at times, you will find your LG washing machine is not working properly and not cleaning the clothes. These are the signs that your washing machines have problems and need repair solutions. So, if you ignore these problems then it might cause serious damage to your LG washing machine. Better you take the necessary steps and fix the issues at the earliest.

So, if you want you can easily solve LG washing machine problems of your own without taking anyone’s help. But it is always recommended to take help from an expert as they have better knowledge and expertise in this field. 

Common LG Washing Machine Problems and How To Fix Them:

As every technical device has various issues such as tech problems, faulty components, and others, similarly your LG washing machine might cause several issues. But before you solve any problems you must find out the root of the cause only then you could repair all the problems effectively.

So, let’s see what are the issues that you can face related to your LG washing machine and when they need repair services.

1. Washing Machine is not Cleaning Clothes


It is one of the common washing machine problems that most of the users complain about. So, if the detergent line or tray gets blocked, then the detergent is unable to reach your clothes and your clothes will not be cleaned. It might even happen due to the blocked drainage pipe. 

There are some times when you put a lot of clothes into the washing machine in order to clean your clothes in one wash. But it will not give you any satisfying results. So, if there are so many clothes that have been put together, then you might face an overloading issue and the clothes will not be washed properly.

Using the wrong detergent can be another reason that your washing machine is unable to clean your clothes properly. Different types of detergents are used for different garments. Even you need to follow some separate procedures for a few garments while cleaning your clothes. 


  • To clean your clothes properly, make sure you clean the detergent and filter drawer each time while cleaning your clothes.
  • Use the right detergent.
  • Do not put too many clothes at one time.

If all of these will not help, then take expert assistance and repair the issue.


2. Washing Machine Does Not Turn On


Your washing machine might not turn on due to various reasons. Insufficient power supply, due to the tripped circuit breaker, overheated washer motor or faulty lid switch are a few of the reasons that might cause this issue.


When you see your washing machine is not turning on, it means it requires repair services.

  • First, check the power connection and voltage and verify the electrical flow of your LG washing machine.
  • Next, check the circuit breaker and if it is tripped, then replace it.
  • If none of these are causing the issue then check the washer’s motor. If it is creating an overheating issue, then shut down your washer to cool it down and see if the issue gets resolved or not. 


3. Leaking Issue

If there is any damage or hole onto the hoses or connections of your LG washing machine then your water machine might leak water.


Using a no-burst stainless steel mesh hoses and lever-type shutoff valves are always a good option to avoid such issues.


4. Washing Machine Smells

We all use a washing machine to clean our clothes. But we forget to clean the washing machine itself. And this is one of the reasons that you might get bad smells from the washing machine. 


  • When you get dirty smells from your washing machine first check if there is any blockage in the filter or drain hose.
  • Get some fresh towels. 
  • Remove the filter and soak all the excess water from it by using the fresh towels.
  • Check the drain hoses and if there is dirt or debris, clean it properly.
  • Once you are done, give the machine a good clean to remove the bad smells from your machine.


5. Drainage Problems

If your LG washing machine is not draining properly it means there is clog in the drain hose. If there is any item inside the drain pump such as pen, coin or shocks, and the drain pump gets jammed, then your LG washing machine will show you the draining issue.


  • Whenever you face drainage problems, first check the drain hose if there is a clog, clean it properly.
  • Next, inspect the drain pump properly. If you find any issue then replace the pipe with a new one.


6. Washing Machine is Making Noisy Sound

If you find your LG washing machine is making more loud noises than it is required, then it means there is some problem inside the washing machine. Due to many reasons your washing machine might create noisy sound. So, if you place the washing machine incorrectly, or if there are heavy wash loads then it is possible that you would get loud noise from your washing machine.


  • First, switch off the washing machine
  • Check the feet
  • Avoid unbalanced loads
  • Check the drum bearings


Concluding Words

Hopefully, this page has helped you to understand the common LG washing machine Repair problems as well as how to repair them. So, if you are facing any of these issues, you need to take immediate action or else your LG washing might be unusable.

It is always important to remember that if you want to keep your washing machine up and running you need to maintain it properly. You can also take help from the professionals so that they can guide you in every step and provide you the right solutions so that your washing machine could provide you high-quality services.

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