Learn about These 3 Beautiful Flowers before Planning a Wildflower Trip in China

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With the monotonous schedule that everyone has these days, it is often a good idea to take a break from your daily routine, and go back to the lap of nature to witness a blissful experience. And one of the most beautiful elements of nature is the flowers. Sweet-smelling, colorful, and attractive, the flowers are found in diverse varieties all over the world. Nowadays, flowers are not meant to be observed only in your garden but people actually go places to view or photograph different flower species. Flower watching is not a new concept but in the last few years it has definitely become more popular to people. So, if you are looking for an optimum wildflower watching experience to enjoy a trip amidst nature, then you should visit China, a land of endemic flowers and plants. Irrespective of whether you are an avid flower watcher or a wildlife photographer, this land will satiate your soul.

There are several travel companies that offer flower watching trips, wildflower photography tours, and many more. However, before you choose a company and book a trip, you should know about the flowers that you are going to witness in China. Here, we handpicked 3 beautiful wildflowers found in China. Take a look.

1. Meconopsis

Meconopsis is a flower plant genus which belongs to the Papaveraceae family that is commonly known as “blue poppy”. It has about 50 species and most of them are found in Himalayas and Hengduan mountains. China has about 38 species including Meconopsis punicea, Meconopsis racemosa, Meconopsis lancifolia, Meconopsis integrifolia and many more, most of them are found in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. New species are still being found in China in recent years. Though these flowers are related to poppy, but they don’t produce opium. Along with blue, you will also find purple, yellow, red, and white Meconopsis in China.

2. Primula

Primula is a genus that covers 500 species and 2/3 of them are found Himalayas and Hengduan mountains. These species are mainly valued as ornamental flowers. For many hundreds of years, they have been extensively cultivated as well as hybridized. Different species of Primula such as Primula moupinensis, Primula orbicularis, Primula sonchifolia etc bloom mostly during the spring and can be purple, red, pink, yellow, white, blue and even black.

3. Orchid

As one of the largest families of flowering plants, Orchid family has about 28000 species. In China, about 1300 orchid species have been found. And most of the species are distributed in southwest China. As orchids have some derived characteristics, one can easily distinguish orchids from other flower plants. Though these flowers are widely spread in the world, nowadays, they are becoming more endangered because of over-collection and habitat damage. As one of the most orchid diversity province in China, Sichuan has more than 440 orchid species including Cypripedium, Calanthe, Cymbidium, Pleione, Amitostigma and many more. You can find more than 22 kinds of slipper orchids (Cypripedium) in Sichuan and some of them are endemic.

4. Rhododendron

Rhododendron is a kind of woody plants that have flowers of pink, yellow, red, and white colors. There are about 960 species of Rhododendron in the world and of which 560 species are found in China. So, China is the kingdom of these flower plants. Every year from April to June, different species of Rhododendron such as Rhododendron argyrophyllum, Rhododendron calophytum, Rhododendron oreodoxa and many more, bloom in the mountains.

5. Gentiana

Gentiana is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the gentian family. There are about 400 species of Gentiana that are distributed in the temperate regions of the world and most of these species have blue trumpet- shaped flowers. In China, you will find more than 230 species of Gentiana including Gentiana veitchiorum, Gentiana rubicund, Gentiana trichotoma and many more.

These are only a few out of the many endemic flowers that you will find in China. If you want to explore more of these exquisite flower species, opt for a travel company that offers various flower watching trips including Yunnan flower trip, Tibet photo tour and Sichuan wildflower expedition tour, and choose the right one for you.

Author Bio: James Harris, a popular blogger on flower trip and wildflower photography in China, here writes on 3 flowers that you will find during a Sichuan wildflower expedition tour.

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