Know About Boston Stock Exchange – Now called NASDAQ

The Boston Stock Exchange or BSE was counted as one of the last and oldest regional stock exchanges in the United States – located in the heart of the financial district of Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Stock Exchange is now called as NASDAQ OMX BX – regional stock exchange – and considered as the third oldest stock exchange in the United States started in the year of 1834. NASDAQ agreed to acquire BSE for $61 Million in the year of 2007 on 2nd October. There are different big names included in the Boston Stock Exchange that include:

  • Bluefly, Incorporated
  • Biodelivery Sciences Intnl International, Inc
  • Littlefield Corporation
  • First Carolina Investors, Inc
  • American Mold Guard
  • Magelian Petroleum Corporation
  • Timeline, Inc
  • Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc
  • Intnl International, Inc
  • Cleveland Biolabs, Inc

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