Islam A Religion Following Rules And Regulations Religiously

The Quran asks Muslim women to be dressed and cover their body and head. The Quran says that wives of the prophet are not anyone like women and as such has separate rules specifically for the wives of the prophet. Women are however allowed to show their face and hands. Hijab is one of the major dress code of the muslim women. Abaya, also called as Aba is a loose over garment, a robe like dress, worn by some women in parts of muslim countries across the continents. Traditionally they are of black colour and covers the whole body except the head , feet and hands. Convenient and comfortable attire to wear over their everyday clothes when they go out of their homes. In some parts of the world it is also know as the kebaya from the kebaya

Widely known in ancient eras for protecting originally from heat and sand, to avoid skin’s direct exposure to sun , to stay cool in summer heat. Abayas are accompanied with shayla or hijab and sometimes worn with niqaab also. Abayas are mostly black but sometimes are of different colours also. The reason behind black abaya is traced back to tales of some ancient merchants. Although many muslim women wear a black abaya, colured abayas and best lace abaya designs are available online which are part of rising trends in middle eastern and other muslim countries. Although black colour absorbs more heat but still provides convection of air. So the designers have put up the lace on black colour which is also alarming up as fashion symbol in non-muslim women. Black laced abaya looks more trendy and makes one look smarter and slimmer.

Recently when Saudi arabia’s women ban on driving was lifted up by the government wearing embroidered jumpsuit abayas they stood tall out among women wearing similar full length abayas. Women have changed the imposed abayas to a fashion trend inspiring women all over theworld. Colourful and defiant, a sports friendly abaya gown is becoming the new normal. Pictures of the female athletes running in a video went viral. A new trends in online shopping of fashion lace abayas online has been witnessed. Designers like Eman Joharjy are cashing in on the growing popularity of the so alled sports abayas, as many women pushback against traditional attitudes of equating chastity with the dress code. The different designs come in colors like green, beige and white .

Abayas have come up over the years with the new patterns and fabrics. Latest laced soccer themed abayas is a new way to female sports fans  pushing them to equality with men. Abayas are no more considered as a sign of restrictive element for the women in many countries but is converted to a fashionable thing. They have led to the liberation drive of the women in male dominated muslim countires and increased their status and say in the country which is otherwise dominated by men.

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