Innovative uses of fridge trolley

fridge trolley

If getting your baby to eat her vegetables is a challenge, why not try introducing new vegetables or roasting vegetables separately, such as roasted or boiled and adding different flavors, including sauce or bs herbs. And once the vegetables are ready to be served, prepare the vegetables in a dinner plate. Make smiley faces with vegetables like eyes are potatoes, nose is zucchini, mouth is corn and hair is peas!The last factor to consider when trying to encourage your child to eat more vegetables is to become a good role model yourself. If you want your child to eat vegetables, then parents need to make sure that they are enjoying vegetables by promoting healthy eating and breakfast at home and to make sure they are on a daily diet. In part.Currently I have 4 years and 2 years to live life on a budget. I thought I’d share some of my fun ideas, which don’t cost a lot of money. What I learned through my work as a child nurse and my experience as a mother is that children just want your attention, so they are happy to spend time with them.

My kids love playing with dough. We have some shops that buy flour, which are really good if they are put back in the tub so they don’t dry out. We also make our own play dough, which is another activity you can do with your baby. There are many recipes that you can use to make play dough, some you have to cook and others do not require any cooking. This is a recipe I use, 1 cup water, 1 cup plain flour, 2 tablespoons cream, half cup salt, 1 tablespoon oil. You can add food coloring, glitter and or peppermint or cinnamon essence. You need to mix the ingredients over medium heat until the mixture is cooked and a lump is formed. The fridge trolley can then be removed from the heat and mixed again. The game will also hold the dough well if wrapped in a playing field and kept in the fridge.

I find this to be a fun activity and kids love it too. All you need is some cornflower and water and an alternative food colour. There are no specific criteria for this. You simply pour the cornflower in a plastic container or tray and then slowly add some water to it until you get a consistent consistency. It should look like a liquid that has its shape and, when lifted, becomes stronger in your hand. This can be quite a mess if it gets out of the container to do on the table.

I was introduced to this idea when I went to Mother’s Group with my 1 child. The organizer had a bunch of different things and everything represented nursery rhyme. Every kid was known to take something out of the box and then sing. I chose home to draw a picture to represent the song and put the photos into a folder. My kids have this folder most days and we sing along with the pictures. Another way to do this is to draw pictures and paint your child / children or they can draw pictures themselves.


I have a trolley in the kitchen with a variety of art accessories. Over the last 4 years we have collected many crayons, pencils, tips, paints, paper, coloring books, stickers, glitter, gems, etc. and I put them in trolleys, which I decided to do with the kids. My kids have also collected many magazines over the years, and I cut pictures and put them in a tub, which I use to stick. My kids love playing with the content of art trolleys and I use them a lot. When I need some time to wash, cook, clean, etc., I use color every day, but when they find time to sit, we do a lot of messy art stuff.

My son loves to do puzzles, wants to join the puzzle and throw puzzle pieces on the floor when you are 2 years old! Puzzles are great for children’s development and fun activity, especially if the character is someone they recognize! I have a choice of puzzles for different stages and I have 1 son who does 50 to 100 parts puzzles and on the other hand my daughter does animal shaped puzzles for her age. I will say it doesn’t always go well because my daughter still finds my sons puzzles more interesting, but everyone is happy when it works.

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