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I love traveling and especially Greece gives me a feeling of peace and relaxation that few other places in the world can give me. For such trips, I always prefer essential and super easy looks, banished heels and pants and absolutely yes to beachwear, bikinis, sarongs and light dresses.

Comfort, however, is closely linked to quality, especially when it comes to beachwear. Particularly in the choice of bikini, we must always pay attention to our needs and to the models that most highlight our merits (thus hiding our defects!). The watchwords are 2: try and invest in few but good items.

In today’s post, I want to show you one of the looks worn in Mykonos, simple but elegant!

As for the bikini, the extended triangle (or American) model by Grazia’lliani is undoubtedly one of my favorites of the new collection, as it follows all the requirements I mentioned earlier, it is essential but elegant in its forms and especially comfortable thanks to the underwire on the side which emphasizes and supports the silhouette of the neckline.

I decided to combine it with a black opaque cotton lace dress, also by Grazia’lliani that envelops the body with its see-through effect.

Grazia’lliani is a brand whose goal is to give women elegance in everyday life, from homeware and loungewear to beachwear and outwear. All garments are 100% made in Italy made by local industries. If you don’t have time to go and discover the in-store collection and try their clothes first, I recommend you pay a visit to their online store.

What I love about this look is that it can be enriched with the accessories
of your choice: in this case, I kept on the simple, combining a pair of Triwa sunglasses and Guess accessories.

I was wearing:

-Bikini and dress by Grazia’Lliani
-Sunglasses by Dior thanks to Safilo
-Watch and jewels by Guess watches

I love traveling, especially in the summer and what I love the most is to explore the place that I

visit, especially if the place is as fascinating as Mykonos, but in order to do that you have to choose

a look that is comfortable. However, comfort is linked to quality, particularly if we’re talking about

beachwear and bikinis: we always have to pay attention to our needs, because even the simplest

the model could be perfect for others. You need to follow two basic

principles: try on and invest. Try as many bikinis as you can and start right now (do not trust

last minute choices) and invest in the perfect bikini, keeping in mind that quality lasts.

For today’s post, I want to show you

this beautiful island at the same time.

I chose this black bikini (American or stretched triangle) from Grace’lliani and it’s definitely one of

my favorites, as it follows all the requirements that I just mentioned: simple, elegant and

comfortable, thanks to the FRET on the side it highlights and supports the silhouette of the


On the bikini, I wore a cotton lace dress black, from Graceland that, with its see-through

the effect, wraps the silhouette hiding the “weakest points”.

Grace’lliani is a brand that has the goal of giving women elegance in their everyday life: from

homeware and loungewear to beachwear and outwear. All the items are 100% made in Italy by

local industries. If you can’t visit the store you can visit its online store.

What I love about this simple look is that you can choose the accessories that you prefer:

In this case, I decided to keep it simple with a pair of sunglasses and my Guess jewelry.

For More Detail:

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