Importance of Packaging for Bakery Businesses

Custom Macaron Boxes

What is the most important part of a birthday party? Even a child can tell you, it’s cake. I think we can all agree that a cake is what makes a birthday party great. A great cake is what makes a successful birthday party and a bad cake can ruin the whole birthday party.

I learned this lesson the hard way. For my nephew’s birthday I ordered a boss baby themed cake. It was small private bakery with good reviews on yelp. The lady was really nice and she told us she can make the cake exactly like the photo is sent her. She assured me so much that I was almost satisfied.

On the day of birthday, the woman sent the cake in a shabby car. It was probably her brother who delivered the cake. First glance at the box and I instantly knew something was off. The guy delivered the cake in a hurry and left. When we opened the cake, it was a scene from Stephen king’s novel, utterly gruesome. Inside the box, there was a cake that looked a mutilated corpse of boss baby. There was no way this cake could be served on the birthday. My sister ran to nearby bakery and got a regular chocolate ganache cake and that is what we used.

The lady baked the cake fine, it was the lousy box responsible for this catastrophe. She used a cheap, low quality cardboard box. She didn’t secure the bottom of the box with anti-slip paper. These two things caused the cake to move around in the box and in turn ruined it. She lost a customer just because she didn’t use the right box for the cake.

It’s just one example, there are many fine bakers who don’t pay much importance to the boxes for their cakes. They don’t understand how crucial boxes are for a product like cake. It’s just a couple of cents per box, you can get cake boxes on wholesale rate very easily. But these few cents go a long way, these good quality boxes can be like a pillar for your business, carrying your brand identity.

If the lady would’ve invested in cake boxes on wholesale rate for her business, my nephews would’ve had a great birthday with his boss baby themed cake and she would’ve gained a loyal customer. Sadly the whole situation played out in a very bad way for both parties. Bakery startups should be extremely careful about their packaging design, as it can make or mar market value of their products.

If you’re looking for custom boxes for your bakery startup on wholesale rates, bakery packaging boxes is the company for you. They can manufacture any type of design, tailored to your products.

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