How To Tackle A Child If Exposed To Pornography?

Keep Calm- If your child is exposed to the porno world

If your kid has accidentally been exposed to pornography, it is normal to feel distressed and concerned. Here, parental control app comes in rescue and refrain your child from viewing objectionable content.

However, as a parent, thinking of your kid seeing online pornography is a scary and uncomfortable feeling. The reality is hard; it’s not a matter of IF a child view pornography, it’s all about WHEN, age and maturity matters.

Expert says that ‘giving a smartphone to a child is like giving a gram of cocaine’. Yet smartphones are necessary even for children. But it is much more important to provide them with mobile by imposing reasonable restrictions (and with some digital freedom) so they can be protected from online material like pornography.

So let us take a glance at the ways of tackling such sensitive issues and securing your teens from the perils of the internet world.

How Will You Handle Your Child When Exposed To Porn World?

  • Stay calm and listen:

Make sure that you do not overreact and tackle the situation calmly. If your child shares their exposure to the porn world, instead of freaking out, stay calm and let them speak.

Listen to children carefully. Ask them how they locate such explicit content and if they shared this with anyone else. This will help you to take security measures. Understand rather than reprimand. Discuss with your child and take further action accordingly.

  • Ensure your kid that they are safe and not in trouble:

As said, you need to keep calm in such a situation, so do not punish your teen, rather take effective steps and ensure your child that everything is fine. They are not in trouble yet. 

Even don’t take their device immediately as children may feel punished. As they are exposed to pornography, make sure they do not view such explicit content further. You need to be supportive and more caring. 

Console a child’s morale and ensure that everything is fine and talk with them softly.

  • Talk with your child about how they feel:

Did porn sites make your kid feel unsafe, good, scared, uncomfortable, curious or something else? All of these emotions are normal, and the child should know that it’s ok to feel like that.

Take this opportunity to teach your teens about adult content. So whatever they had seen may seem respectful. Educate teens about a healthy and respectful relationship. Talk openly and freely (keeping in mind your kid’s age) about sensitive issues.

  • Solve the child’s worries together:

Ask them and try to know their thoughts if it is good to look at pornography stuff on the internet again. (it’s not good).

  • Encourage your kids to stay safe, and you can try below points:
  • Keeping a smartphone at a commonplace.
  • Avoiding the company of kith and kins who are addicted to pornography.
  • Having regular interaction with your kid about the internet and virtual life.
  • Avoiding keywords and swear words that provoke these kinds of images or online content.
  • Updating security level on child’s phone using child safety app.

  • Block harmful online material:

While we talk about putting a limit on kid’s viewable content, there comes a child monitoring app. So let us first understand about kid’s control app.

  • What is a parental control application?

Parental control is the software designed to help children accessing a smartphone with plausible limits. 

Parents can control and monitor kid’s online affairs with child safety applications. Its features let your teen use a mobile phone for a reasonable time and much more.

  • App Blocker: It is not possible to protect kids from each and every unsuitable online content, but yes, you can prevent it using App Blocker.

It blocks explicit apps like gambling, pornography, dating, violent apps and much more. Your child cannot access that app once blocked from your device.

  • App Install Blocker: Good child safety app like Bit Guardian Parental Control offers the App Install Blocker tool to refrain children from downloading new apps on their device.

If your adolescent is using a plethora of unwanted apps, you can also block their bad habit of installing the latest apps with this feature. It also prevents them from viewing sites like pornography.

Additionally, if kids spend more time on the internet, they are more likely to encounter cyber threats and become a cyber victim. So kids control app also offers features like:

  • Time Schedule: It enables you to set the time boundary for the child to access the app. You can even set the bedtime with this function which is capable of shutting the running app on the child’s phone.

Thus, tackle your child’s pornography or any explicit content exposure using the best parental control app for Android. 

However, the most recommended kid’s control app is the Bit Guardian Parental Control application. It ensures the child’s digital safety with excellent functions and features. So don’t wait anymore, the sooner, the better. Install the Parental Control App today and keep your loved ones safe on the digital realm of the internet.

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