How To Save YouTube Video?

YouTube is the third most website around the globe which includes Google at the first place as well. The reason for such a vast popularity of the platform can be associated with the content creation and user base. YouTube provides the content for a 5 year old and also a 70 year old. So you can understand the reason of popularity. Although, the platform has seen significant changes from its inception and have catered to the demands of the public. Having said that, YouTube also receives a ton of flack for not introducing a download or save button. So everytime you wish to watch your favorite stand up show on YouTube you need to waste your precious data again. The other platforms which promises to help you with how to save YouTube videos to computer are full of bugs. They also contain clickbait links and websites, thus driving you to the verge of frustration.

Are you looking for a way to get your favorite YouTube videos saved directly on your computer? Do you hate downloading third party application, just to save videos from YouTube. Well, your wait is over, as we have created website to download YouTube videos. Our Youtube video downloader for computer is tool created to help you download any YouTube videos. The YouTube video downloader for computer helps you to save as many videos of your choice without any charges. Yes, it is absolutely free of cost and does not even require a registration to use. Simply copy the URL address of your video and paste it in the downloader. I will discuss a few simple steps involved in downloading your favorite videos from YouTube in the next section.

Downloading your favorite YouTube video in simple steps:

Now getting your favorite videos saved directly on your is as easy as logging in to your accounts. The funny part is, to use the YouTube video downloader you do not have to be a registered user. Our website to download YouTube videos have the steps written in simple language. In order to get a head start I will discuss those here. So make sure to follow them carefully:

1. Copy the URL of your video: In order to get your videos saved on your computer, you need to copy the URL address of your favorite video from YouTube. So goto YouTube website or application and navigate to the video you want to save. Play the video and then copy its URL address.

2. Paste the URL in YouTube Video Downloader: Open your browser and navigate to our website to download YouTube videos. You will notice “How To Download” at the top, click on it. Select ‘How to download Youtube Videos’ from the drop down menu. A URL box will appear, paste the copied URL in it and press the Download button.

3. Select the Video Quality type: Once you press the download button, a number of video quality options like 3gp, mp4. Webmd, HD etc. The video quality option depends upon the original video quality. Right-click on the video quality type and select, Save link as. Now a box will appear to select the destination folder, after deciding the location, click on Save. Your video will start downloading to your computer.

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