How to remove mold stains from wood floors in Milford, CT?

If you have found some gray or white stains on your home’s wood, whether it is furniture, hardwood floor, or ceiling, if it looks moldy, be sure that they are mold. Over time, the longer the mold stays on the wood, the more removal work it will take to be clean. Removing mold from wood quickly will help protect the integrity of the wood, reducing the chances of damaging the wood and making it brittle. The steps are simple. You can use household products that you probably have and or call for Mold Removal in Milford, CT professional to do the job.

Follow this article for a tutorial with some tips on cleaning wood with mold or mildew, a type of fungus that thrives in hot, humid environments. And, it is recommended to ask for professional intervention. 

How to clean wood mold?

Begin cleaning as soon as you notice the appearance of mold or simply the smell of mold. It is important to identify the cause, always avoid moisture in places that are most prone to mold, leave the place always airy, and if possible let the wood exposure to sunlight at regular intervals. Moisten a clean, soft sponge in a vinegar solution, will help clean and eliminate bad smell. Wring the sponge until it is almost dry, will prevent the cleaning solution from dripping where it is not needed. Rub the sponge over the surface of the molded wood for cleaning, repeat the procedure if necessary. After cleaning the wood, wipe it with a dry clean cloth to remove the remaining solution. In plywood furniture, it is ideal to dry completely after cleaning, leave the place ventilated. You can also use bleach, clean the wood with a damp cloth in a mixture with water, in equal parts. Dry immediately afterward to prevent the appearance of stains.

How to end mold in wood?

There are some products and appliances on the market that help to eliminate mold. They are called anti-mold disinfect solution, help to remove moisture from the air. You can find these products in the market or in specialized stores. Then just use a homemade tip that works well, add a few bits of school chalk inside the furniture, do not forget the drawers. You can also prevent mold by using other products that help to remove and retain moisture, some lime, charcoal or baking soda. It is advisable to put the chosen product in a plastic container, without the lid or with small holes, ideal not to dirty clothes, change at regular intervals.

The floor of natural wood, as the name implies, is produced from the thick wood. Just treated and cut to be used as a coating and generally presented in the form of blocks or floors, such as floorboards. The great advantage of this material is the possibility of scraping for surface renewal over time. Maintenance of laminate flooring and wooden carpeting is very simple. For routine cleaning, use a soft-bristled broom or vacuum cleaner, followed my website:


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