How to Make My Dell Inspiron Laptop Run Faster?


Computers or laptop running at slower speed irritates the user and it becomes more annoying if you are doing an important work and your computer is taking too much time to start. Optimizing the system and Tune-up with few important settings can help you to make your Dell PC run faster and avoid slow performance issue.

Actually, there are few things you need to fix the slow PC performance. But if you have Dell Inspiron laptop you can follow these steps listed below that will help you Improve Dell Computer and Laptop Performance the speed and performance of your Dell Inspiron laptop without disturbing any other settings.

Steps to Troubleshoot Slow Performance Issues on a Dell PC:

Step1: Run a Hardware Diagnostic Test

Step2: Update BIOS, Driver and OS

Step3: Disable Startup Programs

Step4: Free up Hard Disk Space

Step5: Optimize performance option in Microsoft Windows

Step6: Increase RAM in Microsoft Windows

Step7: Scan your Dell PC for Virus or Malware

Step8: Scan your Dell PC for corrupt Windows files

Step9: Restart your Dell PC regularly


These are the simple instructions that you can follow easily and improve the speed of your computer. These are the guidelines easy to follow without disturbing other settings. To apply this troubleshooting process you don’t need help of any expert, but if your Dell Inspiron is not running properly you can follow additional troubleshooting steps discussed below.

How to Fix Slow Dell Laptop Issue?

Step1: Run Windows Performance Troubleshooter

Step2: Uninstall or remove software not is use

Step3: Check and clean air vents for uninterrupted airflow

Step4: Uninstall and Reinstall Microsoft Windows

Step5: Restore your Dell PC using Windows System Restore

Al these troubleshooting guidelines are very effective in solving slow speed performance in Dell Inspiron laptops and other series of computers running on windows operating system. However, despite all these efforts if the problem is not solved, you need help of a computer expert. Just call at Dell inspiron support phone number 1-844-395-2200 and get online help to speed up your PC. A team of certified techies will take your system on remote and tune-up with complete safety.

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