How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

If you are a youth soccer player then you may be trying to learn how to juggle a soccer ball. Juggling a ball is actually a lot easier than you might think. All it takes is a little bit of focus and concentration on your part. One of the biggest mistakes that youth soccer players make when juggling is that they hit the ball high up into the air. When juggling a ball you actually want to keep the ball as low to the ground as possible. By keeping the ball as low to the ground as possible you will be making it much easier for yourself to keep control of the ball.

When trying to learn how to juggle a soccer ball it is also extremely important for you to remain calm. A large number of youth soccer players become nervous or frantic when trying to juggle a ball in front of people. This is counter productive to the overall goal of successfully juggling the ball. To juggle a soccer ball successfully you must remain calm, keep the ball low to the ground, and have a light touch.

Either way, if you truly want to learn how to juggle a soccer ball then you will just need to practice. Juggling the ball is the most basic form of touch. If you can master juggling t he ball then you should become a good dribbler in no time at all! Just remember the most important thing is to keep practicing.

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