How to Get Rid of Fire Smoke Smell in Home in Martinez GA

A small fire in your apartment, perhaps, will not cause you physical harm, but it will long leave the memory of yourself in the form of gray and the smell of smoke. After the location of the fire remains the pungent smell, which is quite difficult to remove. Small house fires are not as strange as they seem, and we want to give you some tips to clean them. 

Let the fresh air circulate

Open the windows of all rooms as soon as possible to increase ventilation and carry a small fan that allows you to increase the amount of airflow in the place. This will allow you to clean the building of any trace of residual smoke, minimize the smell of smoke, and provide fresh, soot-free air that you can breathe.

Dry wet objects before cleaning the smoke damage

Fans and dehumidifiers will help you do this, but if hoses were used to put out the fire, it may be better to hire Fire damage restoration in Martinez, GA professionals to clean the objects damaged by fire or water. If you want to dry your entire house on your own, pay attention to the presence of mold under carpets and floors. Mold can pose a great health risk and damage floors irreparably.

Clean the damage by smoke on the walls and ceiling

Wear safety glasses and heavy-duty gloves. Also, wear old clothes that you don’t mind staining or ruining. If your home has suffered serious smoke damage, consult a professional experienced in the subject. While the professional elimination of smoke damage can be very complex and potentially harmful to health, there are companies that will perform ecological smoke removal procedures. The first step in cleaning the smoke damage is to remove the loose soot that is on the walls.

Try to remove the smell of smoke from the walls. After cleaning the soot, you should take care of the smell of smoke. The walls can absorb the smoke and filter it back to the room. There are several proven methods that will help you deal with this problem. 

Instruction 1

In this situation, serving helps in most cases, however, there is a major disadvantage is the duration of the application of this procedure. Therefore, begin general cleaning until the odor failed to deeply penetrate all surfaces.

Instruction 2

Escaping curtains, bedding, and rugs are a careful wash with long outdoor or light dry cleaning, there will only take your things in order. Check the ventilation if the traction is weak then tackle the problem first thing. 

Instruction 3

If the fire was not too strong, then one can make repairs in order to get rid of the smell of smoke. After a strong fire, if the walls have turned black – have to clean the room up to the slab of the box. Carefully wash the ceiling and doors with the addition of acetic acid or ammonia water. After cleaning generally take some terry towel or sheet, moisten and place inside the doors and in the rooms.

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