How to download Facebook videos by Vidmate

Facebook is one of the most preferred online networking platforms that are now being actively used by various businesses to not only promote themselves but in fact connect with people to educate and engage them with their products or services. There are multiple pages on Facebook that create video content on various genres, be it comedy, emotional, motivational, DIY, tutorials or just for entertainment. 

According to various researches, most people using internet are likely to have a Facebook account that makes it one of the most impactful platform in the digital world. When you see a video online that you liked a lot, you get restricted since Facebook does not allow you to download that video on your phone to share it with others on any different platform like WhatsApp Messenger or Twitter etc. You could only save the video off-line and show it to someone either through your own phone or by sharing a link of that video with them. However, both the ideas are not interesting and the recipient might not want to check what you are trying to say. 

This restriction is no more a barrier for you to share your liked videos with your mutual. The Vidmate video downloading application allows you to download videos from Facebook, to your phone storage. Yes! You could now easily download all those Facebook videos that you could relate to and wanted to share among your friends or family or anyone by using Vid mate app.

Steps to download video from Facebook-

Since Vidmate is not available on the Play Store, you could download the Vidmate application directly from its official website. To download videos from Facebook by Vidmate app in your device, follow these simple steps –

Download the APK link from the Vidmate website. APK is small is size and is the first step for downloading the Vidmate application in your phone. 
Installation process – after the APK gets downloaded, go to the file manager and click on the APK file to install the Vidmate app in your device. 
Setting changes – phones would not allow to directly download the application from unknown sources. You must go to the setting and allow “Download from unknown sources” to enable the installation process.
Installed – After the Vid mate app gets installed in your phone, you can now open it and you would be directed to the homepage of the application.
Search Options – the search bar is at the top of the homepage. You could copy and paste the URL (link) of the facebook video in that bar. 
Download Options – after the search results appear, you could select and download the video. You would be asked to choose the size and quality of video i.e. high, medium or low. After you select all the options, click on the Download button. The video would Download on your phone in few minutes.

Using these simple steps, you could download videos from Facebook and enjoy watching them by sharing in the group’s with your peers, friends and family members.

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