How to design an impressive mobile app icon-Best practices

There are a few significant elements that contribute in enhancing your mobile app’s appeal and the icon is one among them. While you are building a mobile app with a WooCommerce mobile app builder for your online store, focus on creating a remarkable app icon too.

The mobile app icon determines the first impression that your user receives on visiting your App Store page.

Users usually download apps directly from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, instead of using app websites, reviews, PPC ad campaigns, Facebook, and more.

According to recent statistics, searching for apps via App Stores has contributed in the increase of 70% of app downloads. Therefore, it is worth investing your time and effort in getting the app icon right.

Make sure your app icon stands out and represents your brand effectively on the grid of Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This ensures that your app is guaranteed to be successful, as it should be.

Your app icon is the added value to your app. A well-designed app icon also promotes repeated use of your app. Also, it helps you draw the attention of your users more effectively.

To make a significant impact on your user’s mind, here are a few tips that will help you design a remarkable app icon:

Engage a mobile app builder

An experienced app builder, like AppMySite, enables you to develop an overall visual style for your app icon, which is coherent with your mobile app.

Keep your app icon’s design simple with only necessary details that do not look messy on the App Stores page.

Simplicity is the rule

An app icon with intricate design becomes easily noticeable on the App Store and Google Play Store search results.

It is tempting to adorn your app icon with as many bells and whistles. This app icon may catch a user’s eye, but not necessarily for the right reasons. So be cautious and calculate every step that you take.

Try to design your app icon as subtly as possible to make it easier to remember for users.

Create a bold design

Focus on a basic concept while designing a mobile app icon for your app. Also, try to make sure that it does not look absurd.

Design your app icon such that it shows its originality and grabs your prospective user’s attention. You can take a look at the gaming app, Angry Birds, for example.

Do a branding exercise from choosing a colour palette in advance to complement the layout with your online business.

Choose a variety of backgrounds

Assure that your app icon looks good on the majority of backgrounds.

As you cannot predict which wallpaper a user will choose, test your icon on all kinds of background.

Avoid using a transparent background

Stay away from using a transparent background, specifically for iOS apps.

If you use a transparent background, it results in appearing like floating on a black background. Moreover, it looks unattractive on the beautiful wallpapers that users may choose.

On the contrary, if you are creating an app icon for an Android app, you are free to use transparent backgrounds to give it any shape possible. However, you need to keep it simple.

Use text in balance

If you are designing an app icon with striking shapes and unnecessary details, it will often dilute the overall impact.

You can use some text, though. However, if you want to use it, it has to be large and should be a part of the design. You cannot directly paste the text over the design.

Using long descriptive text in the icon’s design is worse.

For instance, there are a couple of icons, like the BBC News app, which is solely made up of text and a classic red background. Second in the list is the ESPN app, where the brand name is bold, bright and central to the design.

Symbols or letters will work

If your brand has a symbol, you can try to use it as your app icon’s main element. This will help your users to recognise it easily. It will, in turn, keep your branding consistent across various platforms.

For example, Pinterest has designed its app icon in a simple but effective and recognizable way, which is based on the stylized typography element of their brand logo.

Focus on the quality of App Icon

Your app icon should be of high-quality, and say something to your potential users. Just remember: your app icon is the first thing a user will see on the search results of the App Stores page so prioritize it accordingly.

Wrapping up

If you have built a beautiful app via WooCommerce mobile app builder, increase its credibility by designing an impressive app icon.

An elegant app icon will naturally make potential customers download your app and use it for long.

If you need some inspiration, you can read – the importance of app icons, which is the most overlooked element of mobile app design.

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