How Rigid Boxes UK Can Increase Your Profit!

Rigid Packaging

When a customer or consumer walks into your store, the first thing they will notice is the packaging. The way the packaging appears at first look speaks a lot about the quality of the product inside.

Having elegant packaging is the key to ensure that your packaging solutions meet and exceed all your packaging requirements.

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Sturdy and less collapsing

Rigid Boxes also called set up boxes, these are sturdy and are not foldable, or don’t collapse just like foldable boxes do. They are mostly considered as high-end packaging solutions, especially when the value of the product perceives as high, and they are using when the product inside it is heavy, and we need extra support. An iPhone box is an illustration of a rigid box.

Foldable boxes 

Foldable boxes are similar in looking and feeling as rigid boxes, but they are flat in store and transport to save space and freight, and easy to assemble into rigid boxes when use. They are not as reliable and durable as rigid boxes though and require setup for product fulfilment.

Rigid Boxes Are Undoubtedly A Significant Branding & Marketing Tool.

Rigid Box Style

The material used for the manufacturing of rigid boxes can either be Greyboard based or Wood. Greyboard consists of several layers of recycled fibres that give the envelope its strength and particular properties.

It is also commonly used for strength the top and bottom of handmade bags of Paper.

The material used as the cover can either be Art Paper or Special kind of Paper. Art paper is more white than white card, not as hard, and have a higher level of printing quality. Not only this, it is used to cover Rigid Boxes where a premium print quality finish is required, but also for Hand Made Paper Bags.

Rigid Boxes Wholesale

We all have heard a famous quote, all well that ends well. So ultimately ending is the essential thing that should be amazing enough to ignore all minor flaws even that a person can’t stop itself from falling for it.

The Finishing processes for Rigid Boxes include Matt or Glossy Lamination, Soft Touch Lamination, Varnish, Spot UV, Hot Foil, Embossment, Debossment. These all features of packaging make the product look more attractive and highly durable.

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Custom rigid boxes are looks very attractive when you present them in the retail market. They are available in white colour as well as black colour, but many people prefer colourful boxes for its products. Many companies use custom rigid boxes for the covering of products because these boxes are costly and reliable.

Custom Rigid Boxes protect the products by many environmental issues and factors. When you have the products that are reactive to high heat and light, then these boxes will protect them from getting damaged by these dangerous rays.

These rays won’t be able to reach the products inside the boxes. If you have any cosmetics-related products inside the box, then because of the high temperature, these products can be damaging. As many women use cosmetic products, therefore, these may affect their sensitive skin. Similarly, if you have any perfume inside the box, then these boxes can protect your product from breakage.

Luxury rigid boxes are four to five times thicker than simple carton boxes are providing more protection to the products and protect them from being damaged and breakage.


The customer will like the product with a good appearance. It is very beneficial in creating and maintain a good relationship between the customer and the brand. The customer will prefer buying more products from the brand. In this way, these boxes promote the brand.

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