Free Сollege Education: What It’s Really Like?

free education

The question of a free college education worries almost everyone. Being a well-educated person is an investment in successful future. Unfortunately, there are countries where you need to pay higher fees to study at colleges and universities.

On the other hand, some countries like Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, and Poland offer a cost-less college education. The reason of this popular idea is to make education more affordable for everybody who wants to gain knowledge. Though the living costs and paying for materials isn’t free – you must cover those expenses on your own.

There are the supporters and opponents of that idea. What do they think about? The proponents believe that giving an opportunity to study free at colleges or universities leads to a happier mankind. “Happiness affects the nation’s prosperity” some researchers argue. Moreover, escaping education fees for parents, who pay for their children’s education, is a huge plus. They can save more for retirement or other things. Besides, the students who pay themselves can focus better on their studies. As a result, they will obtain better marks and necessary skills.

On the contrary, there is another point of view regarding this issue. The opponents argue that a totally free education is absurd. Someone needs to pay for it. As it usually happens, the taxpayers are responsible for that. They will be charged more. No one wants to pay more.

Hence, some students from lower-income families must work while studying. Definitely, they will have study problems. Because of the lack of time, they will not be able to perform some tasks before deadline. For example, they might need to book some services to help them out with them. They might go for best essay writing service reviews to come up with the essays. That’s why the supporters of free education are sure that students, who have to work, will always feel money struggling.

A basic American right on education

We all know that education in the USA, Canada, Australia and so on is pretty expensive. Why is that? Better quality of the education? Maybe, no. The quality is almost the same as in other countries whose education is free of charge.

A little bit of the American history shows us that initially, it was free. There were few students, who wanted to get an education. There was no need to make it payable. To encourage students the government decided to create comfortable conditions with no tuition fees at all. Later on, when the number of people has risen, it wasn’t satisfactory for the government to subsidize it. The competition was growing among better students. Now it’s usual that if you want a better life, pay for it.

Student debts with no interest rates

This is how the student loan is build up. The conception is based on the students’ needs. Children with upper-income families don’t take loans as a practice confirms. They don’t care about it because they can afford it. However, there are those who are not capable to fund their studies. After graduating, they start working and depending on the job they can pay it off. The well-paying job is a guarantee to pay it off quicker. The alternative is found to make the studying process affordable that the students don’t think about the debts. A big advantage is that the interest fees are not asked from them.

It’s obvious that high education can’t be 100% free nowadays. The world economic situation is at risk and to have one more article to fund it isn’t possible. Therefore, people should think carefully about their future and decide which goals they want to pursue.

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