How do I install an Epson printer?

epson printer

epson printer

Although everyone has printers at home, few know how to install them. In particular, those of the Epson brand are widespread, which are easy to configure. However, many find it difficult to exploit every feature of this type of device thanks to the use of all the drivers or in any case to guarantee correct operation even though the operating system with which the computer is equipped.

Epson printer installation: How to do it

The functions of an Epson printer.Epson printers, in general, are sold in a package that already contains all the programs to retouch, store or easily manage the devices. For example, almost all devices can also be used as fax or scanner. However, for this purpose, specific software must necessarily be used and must be specifically installed. Doing so is not difficult, but requires strict attention for optimal use of the printer itself with regard to its minimum functions.

Correct placement of an Epson printer.

Immediately after purchasing an Epson printer, it is important to remember to check that the package does not lack any components necessary for the installation of the device itself.

Generally, it is possible to find inside this leaflet that is nothing more than a simple and short fundamental guide to proceed. Obviously, it is necessary to underline that there are two basic USB cables for configuration purposes, namely the power supply to the electrical outlet and the one that allows you to connect the device to your personal computer. In the event that these are not included in the box, however, it will be inevitable to proceed with their purchase.

It is preferable, then, to place the printer in a clean and easily accessible place since there must be enough space to allow the passage of the aforementioned cables and the opening of the doors for loading the paper. Furthermore, also to guarantee the good conservation of the latter, it is good to always choose a non-humid area.


Install the software needed to set up an Epson printer.

Once you have chosen the appropriate area where to place your Epson printer, you will need to install its software on your PC.

For a correct configuration, it is important to remember not to connect the appliance before starting this procedure. Consequently, this will only be possible at the precise moment in which this is requested.

When the appropriate recognition window opens, the user will be able to view the necessary drivers and load them. If they are missing, the alternative is the Epson website. On the main page, in fact, you will be given the opportunity to start the download by identifying, first of all, the model in your possession as well as the operating system of the computer in use.

The importance of drivers when installing an Epson printer.

The installation of an Epson printer, on the basis of what has been said, is, therefore, an extremely simple operation that anyone can do.

However, although the process is not particularly complicated, it’s good to do it correctly for the operation of the unit and, above all, we must never forget to install the necessary drivers being careful to select those compatible with the operating system of your PC, that is to 32 or 64Bit.

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If you are not aware of the same, to find out it will be sufficient to click with the right mouse button on the icon called System (present on the desktop) and then on Properties.

Once the download is complete, the actual installation of the printer will begin, which will then be recognized by the computer.

Connect an Epson printer with WiFi connectivity to the PC.

To connect to your PC your Epson printer equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity you will need to be aware of the SSID name and the security code of the network of interest.

The Wi-Fi Network Connection CD will provide all the useful instructions for the connection procedure of the device.

It will only end when the relevant confirmation message is displayed. At this point, all you need to do is click on the Finish button to complete the procedure correctly.

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