How can you rock beige stilettos with 3 different outfits?

Have you ever looked at the princesses and high profile models and the type of clothes they wear? Well, we all have done it at some point in our life but there is something that amazes every single one of us. These ultra-rich people wear clothes worth thousands of dollars but most of the time these clothes are super simple. No extra embellishments or special cuts, just plain and simple clothes. The same goes for shoes.

From Meghan Markel to famous Hollywood actresses, these women repeat one pair of shoes more often than the others, beige stilettos. These plain yet elegant shoes have a rare quality to rock almost every dress they are worn with. From light colors to dark, it looks absolutely gorgeous all the time. If you are really an admirer of elegant fashion like the one offered by Maria B. you must already own a pair of these beautiful shoes. And today we will tell you how you can capitalize on this luxury and use it with different kinds of outfits. Here are three of the easiest to manage and amazing looks.

Blue Denims with a partial desi top:

There is a certain elegance in wearing stilettos with something tight on your legs and jeans are the best option to do it. If you are to go on a semi-formal gathering where you want to look classy and charming but at the same time keep it a little less over the top, this will do the trick. Wear a good desi top probably in a light color and pair it with skinny jeans and your beloved stilettos and here you are. Some good classy earrings can make your look even more vibrant and improve your vibes altogether.

Formal dress:

If you are to go to a meeting or a presentation, mostly the choice of dress is something in black. But if you keep on repeating the same color it will get redundant and give your personality a boring appearance. We suggest wearing a classy white suit with shorter and tighter pants. Pair it up with a classy dress shirt and here again, you can use your beige stilettos as a lifesaver. This look is feminine and trendy at the same time and gives you a serious presentation look instantly. If you don’t want to go with this look, our next one might rock your world.

Pencil Skirt with formal dress shirt:

Pencil skirts have been a sign of elegance for a very long time. They are tight fitted, neat and make you look presentable and sophisticated. Even if you are getting a black, white, gray or beige pencil skirt, pair it with some formal dress shirt with sleeves preference ranging from three-quarter sleeves to sleeveless. The cherry on the top of this look is your elegant long heel and elegantly beautiful color of your stilettos. Wear it like a boss and rule like a queen that you are meant to be.

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