Healthy And Unhealthy Knack Of Food In Pregnancy

There are some women who face cravings throughout their tenure of pregnancy. Some have it for a limited period of time while some have it throughout. A woman can crave for a few weeks or for a few months when they are expecting with a baby.

Health and unhealthy foods in front of pregnant Japanese woman

Now some of them are healthy cravings and some of them are unhealthy pregnancy cravings. But there are some common pregnancy cravings experienced by most women. Here are some ideas.

 Salty foods

If one has a very low sodium level on their diet then they might crave for a lot of spicy and salty food items. Cravings for salt during pregnancy are a very common trait among women. Also this pregnancy can increase the blood volume in a human body. This increased blood volume is a major reason for the salty food cravings. The things that one craves for are popcorns, French fries, sauces and chicken tenders.

Sweet foods

When one is pregnant then the things that become favourite as food items are doughnuts, ice creams and sugary sweets. One will be more responsive towards insulin because there is a tendency of low blood sugar in pregnancy. This is when it makes you crave for sweets to regulate the dropping blood sugar levels.

Spicy and hot foods

This is not a very popular craving in pregnant women like salt and sweet food items. One may desire for some spicy curries and hot chicken wings along with red peppers. There are many studies which say that cravings for spicy food mean o e is expecting with a baby boy. One who is carrying a girl will have more chocolate cravings.

Unique and weird combination of cravings

There are some situations where pregnant women crave for strange food items. This can be a combination of 2 or 3. Like ice cream and pickle or sponge cake and sauce or banana and tunas. This is a very uncommon thing though in pregnancy.

Cravings for citric foods:

Craving for citric acid foods could be a sign of low stomach acids. Stomach acids help to sterilize the food by breaking it into small proteins. The desire for citrus food items can indicate that the body requirement of some vitamins contained in these foods such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and some essential microelements. Lemon, lime, vinegar, and pickles are such citric food cravings.

Craving for non-foods

This is something really strange. The cravings for eating things that are not food items at all; this syndrome is called pica. This can be harmful for both the mother and the baby. It mostly indicates the deficiency of iron or lack of any other essential nutrients or mineral in the body. . They also give a feeling of fullness and keep you away from consuming healthier foods. These inedible items are ice, clay, wax, coffee grounds and many more.

Unhealthy cravings

One can even crave for a lot of unhealthy foods such as coffee, alcohol, pizza, potato chips, fast foods and many more. The cravings for those foods are more when one has a strong liking for them before they have conceived.

Those unhealthy cravings during pregnancy should be avoided.

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