Gun Violence: A Tragic Reality in American Culture

A Tragic Reality in American Culture

Everyday across America, people get up and go to work. Some people drop their kids off at school on the way to work or stop and grab a coffee to take to drink at their desk. It’s just an ordinary day. But in 2016, for 96 Americans it wasn’t just an ordinary day. Why? Because they were killed by gun violence. On an average day, 96 Americans are killed with gunsaccording to Everytown Researchin 2016.1That’s 96 Americans too many that lost their lives by gun violence.Injuries by gun violence also take their toll on innocent victims. In the US from 2001 to 2013, approximately 921,613 people suffered nonfatal injuries from firearms according to research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. 2These injuries could affect a person’s health for the rest of their lives.

Are You at Risk?

According to a recent research study by Pew Research Center, about 4-in-10 American adults (42%) say they live in a household with a gun3making anyone a potential victim of gun violence. In the first month of this year,an alarming 1,326 deaths and 2,382 injuries from gun violence have already occurred in the United States in 2018 according to statistics by Gun Violence Archive.4 Nobody is safe from being a target of gun violence, but some people could be considered more prominent targets because of their celebrity status – actors, politicians, musicians, athletes, and executives with high ranking positions in companies or organizations.

Top Level Executives Need Protection

In today’s volatile society, executive protection isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.High level executives like CEOs are considered a valuable asset to the companies they manage. And valuable assets need protection. Executives are privy to private company information and strategies, product development, and trade secrets. Their high profiles can make them an attractive target to disgruntled employees with a grudge, terminated employees who view their dismissal as the fault of upper management, or upset employees embroiled in a labour dispute. Security companies like National Security Service (NSS) offer executive protection services to high level management and their families to keep them safe from violence.

Schools and Places of Worship Can Be Targets

No one can forget the carnage caused by a mass shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012 or the 26 people who lost their lives to a deranged gunman in the fall of 2017 at a small rural church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Children deserve to have an education free from violence. And places of worship have traditionally been respected as peaceful places of refuge.Professional unarmed security guards are working to help keep people safe from gun violence in churches and schools.

The lives of countless Americans have been drastically changed by gun violence. Staying safe in society today poses a significant challenge. Security guards from top notch security guard companies like NSS are doing their best to keep the people in their care safe.

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