7 Great Writing Platforms in 2020

Great Writing Platforms

Every great piece of content deserves to showcase its story in a meaningful way, but this is only possible if it’s established through a compelling platform. Every writer puts in tireless efforts to voice his opinions to elicit a favorable response. Through quality content generation, a writer aims towards grabbing the attention of the target audience that somehow influences their purchase decision. Digital marketers invest heavily in creating promotional content to expand their outreach and boost their rankings on Google’s SERPs.

Apart from focusing on generating quality content, marketers must carefully select online platforms to build their name. Every novice writer struggles with creating a reputable image by choosing the wrong platform to showcase their work. Now, starting from the wrong platform is the worst. Not only, it hinders your capability in becoming a successful writer, but it will create hurdles for you in the future as well.

If you are a newbie in this entire writing business aiming towards becoming a professional Wikipedia page creation services , then this blog will surely help you in determining what sort of platforms you should be aiming for to kick start your writing career accordingly. Here is a list of 7 great writing platforms in 2020 that pays well to their writers and are great for earning a reputable name.

01) A Selfish Poet

If you are into poetry and seeking a platform to earn a handsome amount of cash online, then this website for you is perfect. Created by Trish Hopkinson, for poets seeking platforms for publication, this website charges no fee for submission, writing prompts, and poetry events. Moreover, Trish keeps on sharing articles, journals and holds contests, including guest bloggers that are beneficial for novice writers. Not only, this website will help you get your poetry published, but it will also turn you into a better writer.

02) Make a Living Writing

Created by award-winning freelance writer Carol Tice, make a living writing provides you with ample opportunities to progress in your writing career through her blogs, eBooks, and paid community. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, a newbie or at mid-level, through this website you can earn heaps of cash and take your writing career up a notch. It’s also useful for moving from low pay writing platforms to high pay writing platforms.

3) Be a Freelance Blogger

Creating compelling blogs for brands can be quite daunting. According to a survey, 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Especially if a brand has invested heaps of its hard-earned cash in you. Developed by Sophie lizard’s blogging team and Facebook group, you can give your blogging, making the kick it needs. Now, you can quickly build an expert reputation and gain countless opportunities in this digital marketing world. Thus, opt for a freelance blogger today and earn your name.

4) Copy Blogger

Established in 2006, this leading website for providing powerful tools to level up your blogging game is amazing. Copy blogger has managed to earn a credible name among various online sites. Enhance your marketing skills in no time and get your blog featured across popular platforms, in front of millions of people. With its free-membership, get informative online marketing e-courses and much more. Sign up right now; what are you waiting for?

5) Writer’s Write

Writer’s write has a clear motto set, which follows “Write to communicate.” Now, after reading its motto, it’s pretty clear it’s an open platform that invites writers, bloggers, and business writers to avail countless writing resources. Leverage yourself from its vast archive that contains more than 1200 informational articles that enlighten you with creating content that’s inspirational, factual based, and motivating. This archive is aimed at expanding your existing knowledge base so you can write on all relevant niches, exciting topics, and from different angles. Opt for this website right now!

6) Quick and Dirty Tips

Every quality article needs excellent proofreading. Publishing content without checking it for grammatical or structural errors is a complete no! Nobody enjoys reading content with numerous grammatical errors. Quick and dirty tips are dedicated to taking out all grammatical mistakes from your content. By listening to her podcasts, you would know where to punctuate correctly, the right procedures to properly structure your sentence and know-how of all the fun developments in the English language.

7) Linkable

Link-able is a professional website offering expert authors to earn a handsome amount of salary online through its wide range of clientele. It’s a great way to make a credible name, to earn mentions, and generate traffic to sites. Introduced by Jay Douglas, link-able offers amazing rates, which I suppose will be perfect for any well-experienced writer. Linkable specializes in business, finance, marketing, health, sport, tech, and retail-related niches. You can easily earn up from $100-$750 through this website. Also, this site is straightforward to use; once you have been approved, you can simply browse for jobs and apply.

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