Google Nest Hub Max review

The Google Nest Hub Max is the elder brother of the Google Home Hub. Why did they not call it Google Home Hub Max? Google has added a front-camera to it and you can plug it into Google’s Nest platform to act as a smart home camera. Although, this part of the movie needs some improvement. Otherwise, it is a great smart speaker and has many advanced capabilities like you can watch YouTube videos while cooking in the kitchen and more. But, is it a worthy option to get into your home? Let’s check it out in the Google Nest Hub Max review below:


Google’s Nest Hub Max has set the standards for the new smart speakers. Unlike Amazon’s smart speakers, Google has gone one step ahead in terms of design. This device looks like an Android tablet that is lying over a dark grey cloth-lined base. The Google Nest Hub Max is easy to fit into any workspace and there is no bulky feel with it. The best place to keep this smart speaker might be the kitchen. You can explore variety of design options in earphone with leaf Studios Coupons, which offers right prices for electronics accessories.

Compare its speaker with the iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, this speaker go neck to neck and is better in some senses. The borders are chunkier and the look is a bit outdated. But, the biggest pro here can be its cost.

You can’t remove the tablet part from the inclining stand. Yes, people might like Nest Hub Max as a Google tablet with a speaker attached.  There is a touchscreen and you can control the stuff with it. But, the device is the best working when you talk to it or “cast” content from your phone.


The Google Nest Hub Max packs a 10-inch LCD screen, which is way larger than the 7-inch display of the Google Home Hub. This device has a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution which is a decent amount. This is a big upgrade if you want to watch videos on this device. If you want to put it in the bedroom or kitchen rather than your living room, then this big-screen might come in very handy for entertainment purposes.


Google has not referred the OS it runs and it doesn’t run Android. The screen shows the main customization choice when it is not used. You have a slideshow of Google Earth images, pics from the Google Arts, or Google Photos collection.  There is a clock face too which is clean and sweet.

You can see the shortcut panel when you swipe

down from the top of the screen.  Settings panel comes when you swipe up from the bottom. There is nothing much when it comes to touchscreen interaction. You will have to bring the best out fo it through the voice-control. You will only use the touchscreen to select videos on YouTube, nothing else.

You can set it up easily and is very similar to that of any Google Assistant speaker. You can install Google Home on your phone and you’re done. It’s very quick and easy.

Nest and Camera

You can download the Nest app on your mobile phone and you can set the smart speaker. It carries a 6.5-megapixel camera that can act as a smart home camera. When it works as a Nest camera, Hub Max captures the clips if there is any unusual movement. You can also link your phone so Nest can know when you are around or not. You can subscribe to the Nest’s security feature. This subscription is known as Nest Aware.

The camera is not consistent and most of the time, the camera was ‘Offline.” Not only this feature is used for the Nest feature but you can also video call, using Google Duo.

Features and Sound Quality

The Google Nest Hub Max only has 2-mic arrays. You are not going to place it against the wall- so two is enough. Speech recognition in this device is brilliant and the device can even understand everything if you speak at normal volume. Like always, Google Assistant is great as ever and it can reply to almost everything and bring the best results. For lazy students and adults, the Google Nest Hub Max is more than good enough.  You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring


Final Verdict

The Google Nest Hub Max is a great device but it had some issues with it. Nest platform support is the biggest among all which is not at par in offering the experience. Also, the volume control needed a better update to give us the best feel. But, the speaker is much powerful than the Google Home Hub. The screen resolution is decent but you are not going to watch Netflix movies on it – not supported though! It might not be a great display but definitely a great smart speaker. It is way better than other smart speakers in the market space and you will love it.

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