How Good & Cheap VPS Hosting Benefits Your Business?

The advantages of a good and cheap VPS hosting for your business are numerous. If your site or business is still hosted on a shared server, you should consider moving to a VPS as soon as possible. This is because when it comes to your business’s growth and overall reliability, shared hosting falls woefully short when compared to even a half-decent VPS hosting service.

Here we look at the ways in which VPS hosting can have a positive impact on the growth of your website and business.

  1. Faster Performance

The load time is one of the most important metrics to judge the responsiveness of an app or website. Various studies have shown that if a site or app takes more than six to seven seconds to fully load, the visitor is likely to leave or limit their visit to one webpage only. Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that Google counts load time among the factors that influence a site’s ranking. In other words, a quick load speed assures a high Google ranking for your website, which further guarantees a steady stream of potential customers to your site. This is a virtuous cycle that you cannot afford to be left out of.

With VPS hosting, especially one that uses SSDs (solid state drives as opposed to conventional mechanical hard drives), gives you much faster loading times and far better performance when compared to shared hosting. The cost difference between the two is negligible and within reach of even the smallest of businesses.

  1. Scalability

One of the best benefits of budget VPS hosting is the unmatched scalability it offers. The term refers to the ability to change your server’s allocated resources (viz. the CPU, Disk space & RAM) without any complications and more importantly, without affecting the uptime of your website.

With shared hosting, there’s a limit to how much of the server’s resources your website can use as you share it with other websites. Furthermore, this arrangement makes your website vulnerable to misconfigurations or problems of the other websites as there is no clear demarcation between your respective hosting spaces.

As denoted by its name, a VPS is your own virtual server and in case you require more resources, all you need to do is contact the VPS provider and ask for a change of plan.

  1. Customer Service

When talking about the cheapest VPS, Reddit users in the VPS subreddit often point towards the advantages of good customer service that one gets with virtual private server providers. When you choose a VPS plan, you can always talk to someone and ask for help. It can be questions related to your plan, service or even lodging a complaint, there’s always someone you can reach via chat, email or phone.

The swift nature of VPS hosting means most providers solve your problems immediately and help you without any delays. As a business owner, this is highly important as you don’t want your site going down without warning and in the event it does, be left stranded without any assistance from the provider.

  1. Security

Not enough credit is given to this but the security of VPS hosting is far superior to that of shared hosting. It’s one of those factors whose value is not readily visible unless and until your website or business is compromised.

A VPS server is like a virtual moat. Your resources are yours alone and not shared with anyone else. In other words, this is no different to having your very own dedicated server. So the benefits that come with a dedicated server but at a price tag that is much lower; that in essence is what VPS hosting offers you.

With a secured server, your website is unlikely to face unexpected downtimes. This leaves you free to focus all your energies on running your business.

  1. Time & Cost

This carries forward the point made in the previous sentence. With VPS hosting and its various benefits articulated above, your time is saved many times over. For a business saving time is equal to saving money.

Sure, the cost of buying and maintaining a VPS hosting plan is any day higher than that of a similarly-specced shared hosting plan. But when you consider the benefits of VPS hosting on a whole, overall cost savings are much higher compared to shared hosting.

By further opting for a managed VPS, you can put the task of maintaining your server in the hands of your provider. This is a priceless benefit, especially if you are not well-versed with the technical aspects of maintaining a server.

To conclude, VPS hosting is a fine choice for a business, regardless of its size. The peace of mind and foolproof reliability it offers over shared hosting justifies the difference in cost. As an owner, your business is your child. And just like your child, your business needs your complete undivided attention, which is best achieved with VPS hosting.

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