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At the Golf Lounge, there are a plethora of golfing options that can keep you locked in for as long as you want, regardless of your golfing experiences. It caters to both the amateurs and the ambitious, and that ensures that you ease into the fun-filled moments that await you out here.

In this post, we will see through some of the fabulous offerings for golf in Hamburg which Golf Lounge has in store for esteemed golfers across the spectrum.

Comprehensive Fitness Check

The Golf Lounge has first-rate fitness measurement facilities that give comprehensive assessments of your fitness levels, skills, areas of strengths and the rooms for improvements. From these analyses, you can then draw up the ap test targets and schedules for your golfing habits.

The golf club Hamburg provides access to world-class fitness analysis equipment, including Trackman III, SAN Putt Lab, SAM Balance Lab, and more. With these instruments, members get to obtain optimal training schedules, ball flight reports, club motion reports, weight transfer reports, and more. There’s even the V1 Video that displays your golf swing right on your smart phone’s screen.

World-Class Trainer Teams

The Golf Lounge is a place where dreams come true. The world-class trainer teams out here will give an irresistible reason to give into your golfing proclivities and make the best of them. The trainer team will equip you with cutting-edge skills and techniques and put you in tip-top shape to tee off with a flying start. To make it all the more fun, you’ll get to learn golf along with other like-minded, passionate golfers like you with whom you can compare notes.

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Golf Training

Newcomer class

This is a beginner’s class for those who’ve decided to go beyond just passing the PE exam to excelling in the actual field of play. They get to practice under the supervision of trainers and to learn the basics of solid swings. The guidance they receive is personal and up-close.

Personal Training

This training incorporates video analyses and assignments, along with practice sessions supervised by professionals. The areas of focus of the training include ball flight, your putt, your cheap, and your posture. This offering is available for everyone, regardless of membership status.

Children Group Training

The training classes for young golfer aged six and above, which takes place every 1 – 2 pm on Saturdays, go for €15 per date or €100 for an aggregate of 10 dates.

The Driving Range

The driving range offers free admissions; there are no restrictions or qualification requirements. You’re free to have as much golf in Hamburg as you want on the driving range for either personal muse or practice. The prices for the balls depend on the time of the day and the Golf Lounge ball card you choose.

Team Events

As golfing is fast becoming a favorite pass-time across the city, the Golf Lounge is providing facilities for team events that further spur the love for the game. Besides, learning in a closely knit group is usually more effective and impactful, and golf is a game that stimulates communication.

You can come as a team to practice and help polish each other’s skills, or you can up the ante and compete among yourselves. And The Golf Lounge reckons that golf is fast becoming a favorite activity for company outings in Hamburg, and is putting up excellent offerings for team events.

The Golf Membership

There are fabulous offers for all guests, but there are much juicier ones that are reserved for members of the Golf Lounge. The golf club membership has in store personal training and optimally personalized practice regimens and reports, as well as a lot of offers that save you money on your game time and ball play in the park. With the membership, you can play on a massive 18-hole course to your satisfaction.

The following is a rundown of some of the critical features of the golf club membership:

  • DGV pass
  • Handicap
  • Access to Trackman range
  • Access to 9-hole course
  • Ball flat-rate on Friday
  • Personal training discount
  • 5 GL Academy points


The Golf Lounge in Hamburg provides swathes of options for remarkable golfing experiences, whether you’re up for optimal practice sessions or golfing amusements. You get to train in 1000 sq. m pitch, a 9-hole putt course, as well as chip and bunker world. There are no shortages for entertainment good food and drinks to enrich your golf in Hamburg experience.

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