Golf Downswing Tips to Achieve a Better Golf Swing

The golf downswing is a complex movement to become skilled at. These golf downswing tips will enable you to master the downswing and therefore play better golf.

Returning the clubface square to the ball with as much power as possible is the goal of the golf downswing. It is important to maintain a good tempo and rhythm. Your lower body becomes the trigger for your downswing. Your weight has shifted to your right hip by the top of the backswing and you should be in a relaxed position.

If you raise your left heel during the backswing, put it back firmly on the ground at the top of the downswing and maintain both feet in this position throughout impact with the ball. They are the basis of a smooth, solid swing. This will start the weight shift back to the left side. The downswing is now started by the left hip, pulling the hands, arms, and club down to the midpoint position.

This will drop the club on a path slightly inside that of your backswing. Problems will be caused by any sudden move at this stage. Your left arm is a strong lever which will pull the clubhead back to the ball with power and accuracy. Keep it comfortably straight and don’t let it bend under pressure.

The speed of the downswing will get gradually faster as you swing down until the wrists start to uncork, the club head reaching the ball at terrific speed.

There is a weight transfer from right to left during the golf downswing. At impact, a little more than half of your weight should be on the inside of your left foot. Keep your head as still as possible until after you have struck the ball.

You feel the downswing with your feet. If the hip and leg actions are not accurate you will lose smoothness.

It is important, on the golf downswing that your lower body rotates correctly otherwise your hands, wrists, and arms shape the swing path. This means the club head moves outside the ball-to-target line at the start of the downswing before being pulled across your body from out to in. The result of this is that the club face will not be square at impact and you will slice the ball.

At the end of your swing, your right shoulder will be closer to the target than your left and your hips will be at 90 degrees to the ball to the target line, only the toe of your right foot will be on the ground.

Keep your balance throughout; if you lose it you are trying too hard. Control your weight transfer smoothly and create controlled power. The speed of the swing should also be controlled. These are some of the best Hamburg Golf tips to help you with your golf downswing.

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