Get Relief from Power Outages: Invest in a UPS Unit

During the power outages, many people wonder if there is anything they can do. There is and that is to get an UPS unit for their home or office. This gives us power for the duration of the outage and we continue our work without any problems. When you buy an inverter, you need a trolley to keep the inverter on. This helps you move it around when you clean and helps to keep the inverter clean.

Get Your Inverter Trolley

Getting the inverter trolley is easy because you get it at the online store where you buy the inverter and batteries. So for your inverter trolley online buy it when you order your inverter. They deliver it together and it will help you arrange them in the house when it arrives. The main thing about the UPS unit is the battery. It is the backbone on which everything works. So, you must pick a good and dependable brand.

Check the power needs

First, calculate the capacity of the battery. You get this by adding up the power requirements and then multiplying it by the power factor. This is total power needed by your house inhabitants or your office occupants. Just for an example, if you have 2 tube lights, 2 CFL bulbs, 2 fans, 1 laptop, and 1 desktop, then you can calculate the power you need like this:

2 Tube lights – 2 x 40 = 80 W

2 CFL bulbs – 2 x 12 = 24 W

2 Fans – 2 x 75 = 150 W

1 Laptop – 1 x 100 = 100 W

1 Desktop – 1 x 200 = 200 W

The Total power needed = 554 W

Let us say that you need the backup for 3 hours and the average running load is 75% then you need 1500VA inverter. You need 2 batteries of 120 Ah capacity. Get a trolley for the batteries made of metal so they last for a long time. You can order the inverter trolley online and get it within two days.

Many users go in for solar panels because they have space on their terrace to put up these panels. The solar panel is a good option because you get back what you invest within two years time. The life of the solar panels is around 20 years. This means you get free electricity for the rest of the time that is 17-18 years. Investing in renewable sources of energy is the growing trend in most parts of the country.

Usefulness of solar power

Solar power is non-polluting, renewable, and cheap. There are no moving parts and so there is no wear and tear. Also, the replacements is easy and cheap. You can get it anywhere in the country or you may order what you want by going online and searching for the right item. Ordering online helps you to choose the items you need by looking at the items on sale and then picking the one with the right power capacity.

Install an UPS from a good, reputed manufacturer because these items will last for a long time. Also, reputed suppliers give you a good rate and the delivery is prompt.


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