Find a quick way to renew Norton 360 subscription

Firewall, parental control, anti-theft, virus scanner and data backup – all these are the main targets of Norton 360. It is a like an all-in-one program for digital protection of your devices. As Norton 360 is a subscription-based tool, so you have to renew it from time to time for making the most of it. No idea about Norton 360 renewal? Need not to worry because we are here to help you out. This guide will make you aware of A to Z about how to renew Norton 360. Are you ready to learn something new? We are also! Let’s dive in.

What exactly the renewal is

Renewal is a self-explanatory term. When you buy Norton 360, it means that you are also buying a subscription. This Norton subscription allows you to secure your devices from ever-evolving threats via new product updates. Whenever your subscription ends, you don’t get the latest updates anymore and the worst, your computer as well as personal data are at risk.

Different renewal options

After Norton installation, there are 2 ways for renewal: automatic and manual. The automatic renewal service provides you with a simple way to stay protected from malicious attacks and web threats by automatically renewing your product’s subscription ahead of its expiry. This keeps your security software up to date – that too without doing anything from your part.

Manual renewal, on the other hand, sends you a notice along with a link to renew your product. You will receive this notice just before the expiry of subscription. Access the renewal center to plant a new life into your security tool. Otherwise, you have also an option to upgrade to a different Norton product.

Norton 360 renewal price

It mainly depends on the purchase price. In the event of a bundled subscription, the Norton 360 renewal price is a combination of each applicable renewal subscription price. However, the prices may vary as per the billing.

How to renew the Norton subscription

Go with the cream-smoothy steps provided below to get the job done:

  1. Start your Norton product on your computer.
  2. Make a connection with the network and computer.
  3. Click on renew button.
  4. A new webpage will arise in front of you.
  5. This contains a list of steps to renew Norton.
  6. Follow the steps one by one.
  7. Once done, close the web browser window.
  8. Complete the renewal process.

If you want to download all the newest available updates, run LiveUpdate on your Norton product. Renewing the product will make it more powerful and secure your computer together with the personal data in an effective way.

For any technical issue, get Norton help from our experts right away. Our technicians are 24×7 available to offer you reliable yet permanent solutions to all the technical issues you face.

So, you know how to renew Norton subscription manually. Now, you can turn off automatic renewal service if you are willing. The below-mentioned instructions will help cancel the Norton automatic renewal service for your security software to avoid future automatic renewal and billing.

  • Create a Norton account if you don’t have the one.
  • Log in to Norton using the correct username and password.
  • On the subscriptions page, toggle the button next to automatic renewal option.
  • A confirmation message appears. Hit turn off to continue.

So, you have turned off the automatic renewal successfully. When the product will expire the next time, you will be prompted to manually renew the subscription. You can always opt for our prompt Norton customer service in the case of any technical error.

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