Fancy Colored Diamonds On The Rise

The market has long ignored all other varieties of diamonds in favor of the translucent variety, but the scenario is rapidly changing at this time. Fancy colored diamonds are gradually asserting themselves in the jewelry industry. Not only have they suddenly managed to hook the attention of the jewelers, but they have raptly engaged the customers too. In the recent years, this started with the rise of blue diamonds. Blue diamonds are extremely rare, as we know it, and thusly expensive. With a healthy surge of demand growing in the international market around these pretty blue stones, and for the right reasons, the attention has suddenly moved over to fancy diamonds.

Stats and Facts

So, while the colorless variety takes a breather, colored diamonds move in to keep the people occupied in their shopping spree. The Fancy Color Research Foundation very recently carried out a study and in it, some things became pretty clear. First off, blue diamonds are on a pretty high demand at this point. That’s not so much the case for the color yellow. Before going into the how and why, lets’ take a look at the numbers.

According to the Fancy Color Diamond Index, there has been a rise in demand and sales for all colored diamonds in the past year. Sticking closely to the digits, the recorded growth is of 0.4% which is not so bad, looking at the past records. Expectedly, this has affected the pricing of the stones too. Lately, the price of blue diamonds in particular has shot up, and has held there through all the four quarters of last year. However, yellow diamonds haven’t been through much price revisions, but that’s for the bottom grades of yellow diamonds. Those higher up the scale are still steeply priced and are in demand.

Colors in Most Demand

If you don’t know it yet, diamonds occur in nature in 9 different colors, namely, yellow, brown, green, blue, black, orange, pink, purple, and red, aside achromatic ones. At this point, the colors that have the highest demand are blue, pink and yellow. Though yellow diamonds are the last in line and are often passed for yellow sapphires, they still make a great purchase for those willing to spend a little extra for a good-grade GIA certified stone. Those with less inclusions and flaws have greater brilliance and fire which make the stones look incredibly luminescent.

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