Facebook Instant Articles to Develop & Promote Your WordPress Blog

What is Facebook Instant Article & how it’s linked to WP?

Facebook and WordPress have combined to create a free plug-in, that will assist publishers and make it easier for them to distribute their content on Facebook. This plug-in will have helped create a Facebook instant article from your WordPress blog in a simplified way and bring you more audience. You can generate and publish these articles for a facilitated, smooth, mobile-friendly user experience.

instant articles

What makes this Plugin work?

After successfully concluding the beta-testing phase and ensuring that this plugin indeed, adapts website content into Instant Articles format in a seamless manner; a veritable suite of built-in interactive tools is supporting this plugin in bringing stories to a vibrant life.

This plugin intelligently recognizes the images in an article and size it up properly to blend into Instant Article format through “Transformer Rules”. It offers a new menu for you, that connects to your Facebook page and aid you to publish your Instant Articles efficiently.

Why should you use it for your blog?

This latest feature is not without its benefits. Take a look at what you can get:

Better reading experience: The instant article format is easier on eyes and not to mentions, it’s more attractive.

Reduced abandonment rate: Average articles with multiple images take forever to load which is why people abandon them midway. But with faster instant pages, you will get more readership.

Gather more visitors: Facebook has more people on it than you can reach organically with your blog. The chances of people coming across your content rise and with paid campaigns you can take up all the advantage of the social power of #1 social media site.

It’s easy to use plugin process & you don’t need to hire dedicated WordPress developer to do it for you.

Don’t believe this? Look at the stats Facebook is claiming about successful content distribution:

  • 10x faster-loading speed than normal web content
  • 30x more shared than mobile web articles
  • 70% lesser abandonment.
  • 20% higher readership

How to Incorporate Facebook Instant Articles in WordPress?

instant articles

Facebook is more comfortable social media platform. You can get more readers here as almost 1/7th of the world is now registered on Facebook. That means your blog could reach millions out of 1 billion people on Facebook. Now we will show you how to actually do this without having to hire dedicated WordPress Developer.

Instant Article feature uses existing content so you need any more tools or software to configure it. The HTML and RSS of your WP blog will be analyzed by Facebook, in order to be converted. You are going to need at least 5 or more blogs for this to work.

Step: 1

On your WP blog, go to Plugins menu and in Add New, you will find Instant Articles. Here you can officially install the plugin and then activate it. Keep this page open, you will be needing it.

Step: 2

Visit instant articles.fb.com & and register in order to get started. You will also need an FB page where you are the admin.

(Here you should remember that your content keeps in accordance with proper guidelines. Also, you will have to post regularly. Once a month at least.)

Step: 3

Choose the right page on the list where you want to enable the feature.

Step: 4

When you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you will be able to click Access Instant Article Tools. Choose to Continue after that.

Step: 5

Then you will be sent to the publishing tools of your chosen Facebook page.

Step: 6

Once there, you could prove that you are the owner of the website by claiming your specified URL. Keep scrolling down your page, until you can see Tools. Then click Connect Your Site and expand it.

Step: 7

You will receive a code to paste into your plugin Page ID. Go back to WP dashboard and put that code and save the changes.

Step: 8

When you have saved your Page ID in the settings, return to Facebook publishing tools page and enter the website URL. Click Claim URL and wait till you get the confirmation message.

Step: 9

You can access the Instant Articles feed for your website here: http://www.yoursite.com/feed/instant-articles. Paste this in Production RSS Feed, on FB settings.

Step: 10

If you have more than 5 articles in Production Library, you can submit for review. RSS will be able to gather all the newer articles from then on. You can also import previous articles by returning to blog and updating them. In the menu of FB, you can check these articles by clicking on “Production Articles”.

Step: 11

When configuring Instant Articles you can choose default style or create a new one. You can also preview how these articles will look on mobile screen. You can customize colors and text layers any way you wish.

Step: 12

A transparent PNG with 690×132 pixels LOGO will be needed to be displayed under the featured blog image. It will also be visible in the preview window.

Step: 13

When you are done with styling, save it. By using Facebook Pages Manager app, you can preview these articles pre-publishing.

Use and play with tools until you get the hang of it. There is so much more you can do with your blog with IA’s.

Advanced Tools For Enhanced User Engagement Include:

Once you are competent in basics, you can get to advanced functions as well.

  • You can add interactive features like auto-play videos, expanding images with a tap, 3D maps, slideshows, and geo-tags.
  • Call to action buttons for email sign-ups, app installation or liking pages.
  • Make a profit from the audience with ads.
  • Perform analysis for page insights.

For More Details, Contact at hello@devbatch.com

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