Experience Kerala individually with Kerala Backwater’s Houseboat

Picturesque tropical landscapes and relaxation under palm trees on the sunny sandy beach: Certainly, everyone dreams of such an unforgettable holiday. This holiday dream comes true in Kerala, because the narrow state on the southern tip of India is a real paradise. As ‘God’s Own Land’ Kerala invites visitors from all over the world. And Kerala is definitely worth a visit, whether you’re looking for culture, nature, adventure or relaxation.

The best way to discover Kerala individually, you can choose the experiences you want. For example, if you plan a Kerala trip with your family and children, you can choose from a wide range of activities, such as kayaking, cycling, hiking, and especially interaction with elephants, family fun with lots of laughs, great pictures, and Memories.

Nature, bird and animal lovers will also get their money’s worth in Kerala, as the Nillgiri mountains with forest-covered mountains are home to exotic bird and animal species. In national parks such as Pereyra you can go on a boat safari or discover the flora and fauna of Kerala on nature walks. Extensive tea and spice plantations make your stay round.

A highlight of your trip will be Kerala Backwater’s houseboat. Glide through the palm-fringed canals with a traditional houseboat and immerse yourself in the fascinating water world with lakes and idyllic villages

The crowning glory will be the sunny sandy beaches of Kerala, which are relatively untouched compared to Phuket or Goa and are off the beaten tourist track. Treat yourself to a regenerating Ayurveda treatment, your body and soul will be grateful. The tasty food, massages and wellness treatments as well as yoga and meditation create the perfect setting for a wonderful wellness holiday.

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