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Website technology receives utmost advanced since internet inception era. Today, people use smartphone to access internet from anywhere. Laptop or personal computer may be in use, but the percentage is dropped significantly. In order to create friendly and accessible website for smartphone, web developer has to be keen and reliable.

There are three basic things in developing website: research, solution, and implementation. Firstly, you need to do research about website, content, target viewer, etc. Each website have different goal. Moreover, research is important to lead development process into particular goal. If you plan to have online store, conduct research about market. You have to know the product detail, transaction process, competitor, customer, and market characteristic. In marketing, there are terms called segmentation and positioning. The website should be able to reach certain segment based on product characteristic. Moreover, positioning helps to stay at proper market category.

Next step, web developer will try to find solution. After extensive research, more than one solution is available to accomplish the goal. Which one is better? In website development, the solution means connection ideas then method to implement. Before official release, prototype is created to know which part is less developed. After that, it goes into stage three for implementation. Actually, developer does not do much in this stage because he only applies and implements what has been planned from previous stages. All codes and platforms have been decided then the design is the final. Changing is still possible, but it will affect the entire project. Well, the result at implementation stage is real website to launch and release.

Many providers offer interesting package for web development. Each has its own pros and cons. Three stages above come from Stucel as professional service for website development. You will receive a help from web developer who has extensive experience and knowledge in this field.



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