Examining Various Gutter Materials and Which Ones Are Perfect for Your Property


The gutters on your home or business property are probably more valuable than you ever realized. Of course the first and foremost important detail is function. You want your gutters to adequately dispel rainwater so that it doesn’t form around your foundation or leak behind flashing to cause wood rot. Aside from that, gutters must be durable so that they can withstand hailstorms, strong wind, etc. and not leak. Finally, products such as galvanized steel guttering provide aesthetics and curb appeal to the exterior of your building – boosting its market value.

All of these important ‘jobs’ that a gutter does must be kept in mind when choosing what material your new gutters are going to be manufactured from. Yes, there’s a bit more involved in gutter renovations than one might think. Here are some of those materials, and how they stack up in function, durability, and looks.


Aluminum gutters are arguably the most popular in the United States, mostly because of their combination of affordability and durability. This isn’t saying aluminum is the least expensive or the most durable gutter material, but they do offer a nice blend. You’d install aluminum gutters mostly for function. They aren’t going to improve your exterior aesthetics, but they’re also going to get water to where it needs to go. Aluminum is sturdy, but it can also be damaged by hail. Aluminum downspouts are also particular vulnerable to holes from a lawnmower spitting rocks or kids stepping on them.

Galvanized Steel Guttering

If you want an exceptionally durable system then galvanized steel guttering is the way to go. Many homeowners prefer the ‘higher class’ look of galvanized steel guttering and galvanized steel downspouts when compared to the highly used aluminum models. Galvanized is more sturdier and resistant to dents and holes compared to their aluminum counterparts. The protective coating on the galvanized also stands up to water and weather for a very long period of time.


You’re going to spend some money to install copper gutters, but they provide the best ROI in the industry. Unlike nearly every other gutter material such as galvanized steel guttering, copper gutters actually increase in value as they age because they develop a patina – which is a greenish/brownish film that creates an authentic rustic look. Historic and high end properties can benefit greater from a copper gutter installation than a residential ranch home, but it’s a look that will improve nearly every property.


Vinyl gutters actually carry some advantages over metal units, mostly for the fact that they won’t dent. This doesn’t mean vinyl won’t crack altogether, but PVC does have different resistance than galvanized steel downspouts or aluminum gutters. You won’t see scratches in vinyl as well either, because the plastic manufacturing process means it’s the same color on the exterior as it is in the core. Vinyl gutters are very lightweight and they are a value product with usually the lowest price in the industry.

Gutters do more than you think. It’s important to find your optimum blend of function and other factors so that you can find the best product for your needs. If you need assistance, feel free to give us a call.

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