Everything that You Need to Know About PNR Status While Going Home this Festive Season

Festive season means good food and happy time with family. One more thing that we can associate with this time of the year is ‘heavy rush’ in trains. A significant percentage of individuals in the country travel by rail, which means you are going to have a tough time in getting a confirmed ticket when almost everyone is going home. Though Indian Railways has made ticket booking easier for travelers, not many have the basic knowledge of how to book a ticket and check the status of their ticket. Having said that, we are giving a brief about PNR status in the blog post.

What is PNR?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, which is a ten-digit number allowed to every person who books tickets. It has the journey date and details of the persons who will be traveling on the train.

In other words, PNR is the database of CRS. When a railway ticket is booked, details of all the passengers who will be traveling are stored in the centralized railway system (CRS). Name, gender, and other personal information of the person is saved in the dates with the reference number. PNR number also contains the booking and current status of the ticket.

Where to find the PNR number?

If you have booked an e-ticket, the PNR number is present at the top of the ticket in a separate cell.
If you have booked a ticket from the railway station booking window, then this number is present at the top left corner of the ticket.

Ways to check PNR status?

As said, the PNR number also tells about the status of the ticket. There are different codes to help passengers in finding out if their ticket is confirmed or is in the waiting list. Let’s look at what these codes are:

GNWL – Stands for General Waiting List. This ticket has a high probability of getting confirmed.
CKWL – Stands for Tatkal Waiting List. This ticket gets preference only after all the GNWL tickets are confirmed.
While these two are the common codes on the ticket, some other codes are:
RLWL – Remote Location Waiting List
RQWL – Request Waiting List
RLGN – Remote Location General Waiting List
PQWL – Pooled Quota Waiting List
RSWL – Roadside Station Waiting List
Via phone

It is the most used method that has been in existence since decades. Because it is a free service, most people use it. To check PNR status via phone, call at the Indian Railways helpline number at 139 or 1345 and follow the IVRS to find the PNR status. You can call on these numbers for other inquiries such as departure or arrival information about a train.


Though a paid service, but more convenient than a phone. To know the PNR status, SMS PNR number to 9773300000. You will receive an SMS reply about the current status of the ticket and other details.

Via IRCTC website

For those who hold an IRCTC account, you can check the PNR status of the booked ticket by logging in to your account.

Final Words

Besides IRCTC, other websites give details of the PNR status to travelers. One of the benefits of referring to these websites is that they share a lot of information about online ticket booking, tatkal tickets, special trains, stations on a particular route, and everything else that can make your train travel more convenient.


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