E2 Visa Lawyer – Explore Details About E2 Visa

There are numbers of entrepreneurs who would be business owners and also people with a dream of owning their own business move in search of a better quality of life and also more lucrative business opportunities. There are different types of visas that enable you to work, live or study in the United States as a foreign national, but only a few that certain people qualify for.

Getting in touch with an E2 visa lawyer helps you explore complete details about such visa program. E-2 treaty investor visa is a non-immigrant temporary visa for nationals of a country that the United States maintain a treaty of friendships, commerce and navigation who wish to go the to the country to develop and also direct the operations of an enterprise in that the national invested or is in the process of investing a substantial, amount of capital.

The mere investment of capital by either starting up a new business, or buying an existing business or a franchise is not enough to offer sufficient evidence that as a foreign national, you qualify to be granted an E2 treaty investor visa.

E2 business plans are an important component to an overall application for an E2 non-immigrant visa and also include certain criteria as it relates to the investment and future well of the US enterprise in question. As stringent immigration laws are, specifically as it pertains to the E-2 treaty investor visa, the aim is to not only ensure that foreign nationals meet all of the needed criteria.

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