Donair Lover

Pizza106 is all about- WHAT’S NEW? They bring to you the best and the most delightful tastes. The idea behind their mouth-watering pizzas is always something different. And this is evident with their delicious Donair Pizza. Donair meat is well appreciated by the Canadian population. Keeping this in mind, Pizza106 has introduced their lip-smacking, delicious Donair Pizza for all the Donair lovers. This pizza is filled with Donair goodness and topped with premium quality cheese. There is nothing better than combining the two things you love the most. And Pizza106 has managed to generate positive results be mixing Donair with Pizza. Why believe what we say, go and check out for yourself!

Donair and Onion

Pizza106 has given its own flavourful twist to the classic Donair pizza. They make sure to prepare your meals with the utmost love and dedication. They manage to maintain the softness and the juicy texture of the Donair meat. Mix it with some tangy sauces and gooey cheese- you have yourself a masterpiece. At Pizza106, Donair and Onion pizza is one of the most popular pizzas. But it is certainly not limited to it. The best thing bout Donair is that you can mix it with anything and it would taste as delicious as ever. So why not walk into Pizza106 and enjoy some Donair pizza.

Wide variety of sides

If you are a Donair lover, you should visit Pizza106. The Donair goodness served to you in the form of pizza is undeniably the best thing that Pizza106 has to offer. Furthermore, you can pair your Donair pizza with delicious sides. Pizza106 provides a variety of sides, which are sure to compliment your pizza in more than one way. You can order anything from creamy pasta to filling burgers. How about some coke and fries as well? In reality, Pizza106 offers numerous delights that can be enjoyed with your Donair pizza. This place is heaven for Donair lovers!

Get it delivered!

Pizza106 offers a pleasant dining experience. It is suitable for family dinners, birthday parties, and even small social gatherings. But if you have no intention of leaving the comforts of your home, you can have your favorite Donair pizza delivered to your doorsteps. Just ring them up and enjoy warm gooey pizza while you sit back and watch television. Pizza106 has the best Donair pizza Edmonton. And the best part is you can enjoy it anywhere- at our office or your home. You pick the place, and we will be there with your delicious Donair pizza.


Pizza106 has managed to revolutionize the classic Donair pizza. With numerous luscious toppings and authentic sauces, there is so much to explore at Pizza106. If you are a Donair lover, this is one place you should visit. With adequate dining space to host parties and family gathering Pizza106 has managed to change the Pizza experience completely. It is one place which has it all! You have several sides to go with your favorite Donair pizza. So why wait? Walk-in today and taste the best Donair pizza in Edmonton.

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