Do You Really Know What Is In Your Beer?

Did it ever occur to you, what’s in your beer? Probably yes. But not everyone knows about the right concoction and ingredients of a beer. Especially if you are a craft beer lover, you would definitely know that it is very different from regular beer and therefore, gives a variety of flavours. Now think about all those ingredients and secret spices behind that unique flavour and taste.

To craft beer connoisseurs beer ingredient is a secret thing to discover. Generally speaking, craft beers have only four main ingredients and they are- malt, yeast, water, and hop. And to get a certain level of taste and flavour, the brewery adds aromatic spices and flavourings. So you get the picture.

Malted barley is the most essential and the primary ingredient. It is the main grain that craft brewers use to make the beers. You can also use corn or rice, but the flavours and taste will be very different. Most of the craft brewers stick to malt. It is actually barley transferred into malted state. This is done as the barley is allowed to soak in the water until sprouts come out. In the beer making factories these sprouted barleys are then roasted to get the flavours. To make quality beer, malt ingredient is absolutely unmatched.

Hop is another and is a well-known ingredient to use in a brewery for craft beers. To get that typical bitter taste, this ingredient is used. Depending upon the varieties of hops the beer taste varies. Both wet and dry hops are used in the beer-making industry. In the boiling stage of beer making, if you add the hop, it will give you a strong bitter taste. And if you add this ingredient in the end, the bitter taste will be comparatively mild.

Craft beer uses yeast as it is impossible to get the process of fermentation done without this. In this process, the sugar is turned into alcohol. So, you can see how vital its role is. And there is a secret too with many famous breweries. Since the yeast is the only ingredient that has no alternative, many brands refuse to disclose the type of yeast they use. It is like a secret ingredient that actually manufactures beer.

Without high-quality watercraft, beer cannot get its right kind of taste and texture. Many believe that water is the most essential ingredient in the beer making process. The percentage of water and the type of water used in brewing can highly affect the end result. Water is, therefore, the leading ingredient in the entire process. The taste of beer varies from one place to another due to the different types of water found in that particular region. 

Now coming to the distinct flavours that you find in the craft beers. The main ingredients do not do all the tricks. The real part is adding specific aromatic spices and even fruit extracts. You can taste craft beer blended with grapefruit and guava. On the other hand, ginger is a great spice to add to craft beer that produces a very unique kind of taste and smell too. No wonder why ginger beer is getting world famous. You can now find beer malt with the right concoction of ginger and few other spices. 

Also, there are specialty craft beer companies such as Castle Malting that are known for their own flavour and taste throughout. You get a soft and bitter taste as you sip their craft beer. From spicy flavours to adding new ingredients, the craft beer industry is a big place to experiment. 

No matter what kind of beer flavour you are used to, there is always room for tasting the new flavours. And for this, South Korean craft beer should be on your list. Although it will take a few years to enhance the craft beer industry of South Korea, still its rising popularity cannot be denied. It is only a matter of time to see its flourishing fame.

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