Dipak Nandi MD-Telemedicine Revolution Healthcare Industry



The recent pandemic Coronavirus crisis today has aggravatingly the entire health care system, business,  economic as well as people’s mental conditions. Rising to the occasion, the telemedicine platform, today changing the entire healthcare system in fighting against the pandamicCorona virus crisis.

As technology extends to arise, prosper and lucubrate with an ever-increasing pace, new innovation and cut edge technology has endowed and aided the spread of telemedicine. Revolutionizing the healthcare system by digitalization, the telemedicine platform is providing complete support to both physically and mentally ill patients with equal care.

In fact,  Dipak Nandi MD who has been working on the Coronavirus patients observed, “providing complete support for both physically and mentally ill patients, the telemedicine platform in fact, is the only effective solution to tackle this pandemic crisis like Coronavirus.”

Today Healthcare facilities are providing medical care and assistance around the globe, via telemedicine platform to fight this Coronavirus pandemic. Helping in diagnose, give consultation, renew a prescription, and provide physical and mental healthcare treatment solutions; the telemedicine platform is the perfect solution during the quarantine. In a matter of fact, telemedicine has turned out to become one of the most powerful forces to keep the healthcare system running during these dark hours. There is no disagreeing that this sudden upsurge for telemedicine has totally reshaped the healthcare industry,  which was in the verge of collapsing. Increasing access and improving the quality to patient care, the telemedicine platform helps in reducing the cost and saves patients and physicians valuable time.

In fact, in the near future we are going to see more demand and growth of this telemedicine platform. As this Coronavirus outbreak has made many nations, government organizations, and companies sit up and realize the power and benefits of this platform for the future of our healthcare system.

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