Dining at restaurants taken to the next level

Diners and food lovers yearn for a unique approach when it comes to dining at their preferred restaurants. They want something different which is out of the box and assures that they keep coming back for more. iCashout is one such restaurant app which cleverly manages to accomplish this and satiate the diners. It is an app where everything associated with dining is done from the vicinity of the user’s smartphones. The app has been an instant success in New Jersey where it has been integrated by several eateries from the region. First, for a start, the app will notify the user through the smartphone if the user is near an restaurant associated with the app. Thus it acts like a beacon or radar scanner for such eateries where the diners are subject to be enthralled by a smart way when it comes to dining. The motto which the app follows is “Order, Pay and Go“.
Once in the restaurant, it is assured that the diner does not have to wait for a server to come and note down the orders. It is done by the user with the help of both the iCashout app and the smartphone. A vibrant menu of the restaurant is displayed from which the user has to choose. The user is also synced up with the chef so as to ensure that food is prepared as per the user’s taste. Then the user can track the progress of the food as it is being prepared. Bill payment is also done securely from the smartphone without having to hand out the credit cards to third parties who could exploit the card.The payment is done in an instance before the user realizes it and proves effective in splitting up the bill should the scenario arise. Takeaways are no longer associated with wait times as the user knows in advance when the food will be ready at the countertop. They can also manipulate the app so that the food is ready at their time of preference. Soon this innovative app will be a part of your favorite eatery where you can also enjoy using it.
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Order - Use iCashout app to make your orders from your smartphone. Pay - Make instant payments without any hassles from the vicinity of your smartphone using the app. Go- Finish your meal in peace and leave for your other appointments of the day. This sums up the motto "Order, Pay & Go" by which the iCashout app abides

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