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Find the best Dental East Boston. Our dentist provide comfortable dental & cosmetic dental service in East Boston @

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Our services
We offer a variety of dental and cosmetic services to create the smile of your dreams. We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality, most comfortable dental care possible.

General Services
Available at Dental & Laser
Preventive and Diagnostic
Examination, cleaning, mouth guard
Restorative Dentistry
Crowns, bridges, dentures
Cosmetic Dentistry
Whitening, veneers, Invisalign
Endodontic Services
Cracked teeth, root canal treatment
Periodontal Services
Scaling and Root planning, Arestin.
Additional Services
Extractions, etc.
Preventive and Diagnostic
Oral Examination
Mouth Guards
Comprehensive Evaluation / Oral Examination
An oral examination is a visual inspection of the mouth, head, and neck, performed to detect abnormalities. Radiographs allow for a more complete examination, helping the doctor to detect cavities, problems in existing dental restorations, gum and bone recession or other abnormal conditions within the mouth, head and neck area.

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