Degree In Memes And Its Future Prospects

Memes have stayed a dominating trend on the internet since the last five years but the word “meme” (initially “mimeme,” translating to ‘that which is replicated’),  was coined in 1976 when Richard Dawkins explained in his book, “The Selfish Gene,” that ideas, similar to entities, are able to spread and mutate. However, with the growing age of the internet, ideas along with thoughts can be spread in the matter of seconds. These ideas, often humorous, have found themselves to be replacing many traditional marketing strategies while becoming a source of communication and self-expression for many people.

As memes have gained popularity all over the world and serve as the basis for many social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, many universities have decided to add a major/minor of courses of memeology in their curriculum. For most of us, the thought of majoring in an internet trend may sound like an unintelligent yet wishful decision as writing an essay on memes would be a dream come true for most young adults.  Although, if you are already enrolled in university and face trouble with writing academic essays, assignment writing service to get some extra help is always an option.

Due to the popularity of the meme culture, many universities have included a degree in ‘memeology’ in their academic courses.

  • The first to introduce this degree was Northwestern University, located in the UK, in response to multiple petitions signed by the students. By being the first to introduce this degree in meme studies, the university claims to be the up to date with the changing culture of the world while providing fresh and innovative information to their students.
  • Following the steps of Northwestern, Cambridge University has also announced the introduction of a short course titled as, ‘Understanding and Analysis of the Meme Revolution.’ The initiation of this course is started in April 2017 with interviews held with interested students on 31st  The content of this course mainly includes interpretation of popular internet memes and the meaning behind the image.  Similar to Northwestern University, Cambridge University also believes that teaching this course allows them to help their students study the current culture which is unanimously followed around the globe.
  • Subsequently, universities located in the United States of America also took this step to add this non-traditional course in their curriculum. The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, announced the introduction of “Meme Studies” in fall 2017. The first semester in this course will include subjects titled as, “Social Ineptitude 201” and “Technology and Practices of Field Memeologists 143.” Hence, the University of Maryland does not only offer information and interpretation of memes but also provide their students with future job prospects and application of this field.
  • With the beginning of the semester of spring 2018, Brown University, also located in the United States, will introduce a new course as part of Brown’s Group Independent Study Projects entitled as, “Memes and the Language of the Internet.” This course will focus on the effects of memes on the current culture of the world and how they are used as a device of empowerment as well as oppression. Furthermore, the students will be required to write eight to ten paged essays on the history and philosophy of memes. However, only fifteen students will be accepted for this course, hence, the competition would be tough.
  • A professor in UC Berkley also announced the introduction of a ‘meme studies department,’ in the university. This professor believes that memes are the future and therefore education on the subject is immensely essential.

Although it’s hard to believe that the studying an internet trend could come in handy in the future, it is obvious that its prospects are increasingly rising. Most companies rely on the services of memes for their social media marketing. In this day and age, “going viral” has the tendency to build up the company’s publicity and therefore gain popularity and increase business. Moreover, memes are also serving as a platform to deliver news to the younger generations. Hence, it is through the art of memes, that young people have a raised interest in politics and social events around the world. Memes have also become the common way to display emotions, hence, making it easier for people to relate and communicate their emotions with one another.

All in all, whether you are a fan of memes and believe in its future, it is a known fact that they are here to stay. Additionally, the likelihood of further universities adding this course to their curriculum is high as the courses are gaining popularity all around the globe.



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