Consider While Selecting Pu Tubing For Research Purpose

It is very important to select the right tubing in time of research as the result depends on the quality of material you are using. The Pu Tubing Manufacturer comes up with customized material in terms of size, material, and purpose. While selecting the best one for the research, you have to keep in mind different factors.

Check out the key factors that the Pu Tubing Manufacturer must ensure the best research outcome:

  • Fit: The main thing about the tubing is whether it will fit in the equipment or not. The tubing will transport gas and fluid from one point to another. The standardized tubing connectors are done with the luers fittings by which other connectors are bonded in the tube. However the fittings will ensure a reliable connection, it will increase the cost of the research process. If the process permits, it is better to go with the small diameter of the laboratory tubing.
  • Kink Resistance: In case the tubing is too sharp to bend, it can kink like a garden hose. The wall thickness and material are the two most important factors to control the kink of the tubing. Pu Tubing has the maximum resistance in compare to silicon and PE.
  • Material: There are so many associated factors that depend on the material of the tubing. Silicon is known to be soft and stretchy with a smaller diameter and polyethylene is quite stiff. The best one is the polyurethane that has a firm grasp that works like a Chinese Finger Trap.
  • Compound compatibility: The compatibility with different chemicals is an important factor that you should look after while selecting the Tubing. In this factor, silicon is a better option than Pu as it occasionally reacts with certain chemicals.
  • Sustainability for Implantation: You have to consider different factors like size, material, tip and sterility that will control the sustainability for implantation.
  • Air Permeability: For the research purpose it is very important to check whether the tube is air permeable or not as the fluid can evaporate eventually.
  • Cost: The cost of the Pu Tubing depends on the length and the size of the diameter.

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