Co-working or Private office, which is The Best for You?

Co-working spaces are always been cool but that doesn’t mean they are right for everyone. We at Valdosta Shared Office Space drove a research and found some pros and cons, lets have a look.

Coffee, flexible working hours, desk swapping, networking events, well these are just a few of the key benefits at co-working spaces around the USA. Yet, many would argue that it’s the traditional Private Office which offers many perks as well. Such as, controlling your own space, confidentiality and the gravitas needed to impress the clients. If you are one of those people and want Private Office for Rent Valdosta GA, here are some benefits of Private Office:

  1. Change the Face:

With Co-working space, you can enjoy the above benefits but what if a client comes for a meeting? Are you able to deal your million-dollar deal with them in co-working space? Well, we suggest have a Private Office, it makes a huge impression. Landlords also love leasing their property for longer times, but in Co-working there is no real working environment, but hey, you can pay the rent like your gym subscription.

  1. Infrastructure

Have a beautiful desk, internet for your own and a private telephone only for you. All this is possible with Private Office. Have meetings with your clients and impress them with your infrastructure. A little investment always makes an impression. Your premises will be all yours, you can work 24*7 if you wish.

  1. Rent

If you are looking for Offices for Rent in Valdosta GA, you must consider what rents actually are here before opting for the space. Consider some factors while availing the Private Office For Rent Valdosta Ga. Look out for furniture, basic facilities like air conditioning, phone service, internet speed and other premises details.

  1. Who does it work for?

CO-working spaces work for those who are willing to work not so seriously or you can say freelancers, we are not pointing on their quality of work but consistency of working. In co-working spaces they can work for a limited time but in Private offices, you can actually work calmly and with full focus. With private offices, you can expand any time you wish, and have a cup of coffee or even a bottle Champaign after you pass your milestone. In co-working spaces, there are some restrictions to follow strictly.

  1. Gravitas and Control

We agree that having control over your working environment is one of the main attractions of having a private office. Depending on the kind of your business, it is very important to have influence over what your office space looks like such as your own signage, structure and storage space etc. There is a level of Gravitas that go hand in hand with your building. Having a private office tells your clients and associated people that you have long term plans and ultimately it displays the confidence in you and your business.


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