Choosing the Right Supplier for Your Salon

Regardless of the type of industry you’re in, choosing the right supplier is vital for the success of your business. This is especially true in the hairdressing industry. Salons need to ensure that the suppliers they purchase from are trustworthy, reliable and that the products they supply are of a high quality. Additionally, with the current number of products and hair salon suppliers in South Africa, it can be difficult selecting the best one.

To ensure you select the best possible hair salon suppliers for your company, there are certain considerations you need to keep top of mind. These include:

Locating a handful of suppliers

Your first step would be to find reputable hair salon suppliers in South Africa. The best way to go about it would be to look online, attend industry events and exhibitions or ask for recommendations within your networks. That way, you can be sure that they are trusted, as you will be receiving real recommendations on the different suppliers. Once you find potential prospects, choose a handful of them to choose between in the following steps.

The products offered by the supplier

This should go without saying, but the hair salon supplier you choose should supply the products or brand you are looking for. If you haven’t selected a specific brand just yet, then you have more leeway in this step. Additionally, you should also ensure that the products and hair colour being supplied are salon-quality, as well as worth the investment.

The affordability of the supplier

Even though you need to take the supplier’s rates into consideration when choosing hair salon suppliers, you shouldn’t necessarily opt for the least expensive option. The supplier you choose should be the one with the most cost-effective option for the best quality product. Additionally, you need to be able to afford the supplier’s products on a regular basis and not only for a once-off purchase.

The reliability of the supplier

When it comes to hair salon suppliers in South Africa, or any supplier for that matter, the larger distributors are generally more reliable. You need to be confident that should anything go wrong, your supplier will still be able to deliver your products to you, as they have the necessary resources and systems in place.

The stability of the supplier

This is typically the most underrated consideration, as not many salons take the stability of a supplier into consideration. When choosing a supplier, you need to ensure that they are financially stable enough to deliver the products you have paid for. You’re essentially entering into a long-term contract, you need to be fully confident that they are financially stable.

Where the supplier is located

As mentioned previously, there are several different hair salon suppliers in South Africa. While location doesn’t necessarily play a large role, you need to take the delivery costs into account. Will the supplier provide you with a discount or free delivery if you spend over a certain amount? These are the questions you need to ask and factors you need to consider.

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