Can IPad Pro 2018 Replace a Laptop

Here we have one of the hottest questions in the tech community today, can the new 2018 iPad Pro replace a laptop?

History of Tablets and IPads

Since the very idea of a larger tablet introduced in shape of the iPad back in 2010, manufacturers like Apple have been trying to pitch their tablet products as a worthy laptop replacement. This idea of a tablet that can be used as a full laptop has been tried and tested by many other manufacturers as well. Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro with many other options from tablet brands like Samsung, Huawei and Google themselves have tried on this new space in the past. Even some smartphones offer this functionality where they can be hooked up with a display offering a full PC like functionality.

IPads for Business Meetings

Apple’s iPads have been some of the most reliable tablets in this technology space for quite a while. The build quality and actual functionality you are able to derive from these has been unmatched by most. When you consider business meetings for instance, a good affordable iPad Rental option might just be what businesses need. When business Rent iPad or iPads for their temporary needs, the whole price and expense cuts down a great deal. Tablet Rental and iPad Hire services are some of the most appreciated in the business space today.

IPad Pro Is a True Beast of a Unit

When it comes to general tasks, the operating systems implemented in modern iPads combined with the raw processing power of the iPad Pro 2018, makes them very much the best contender to replace a full laptop. This also gets even more highlighted when you connect the iPad keyboard and other accessories with it. The Apple Pencil is also revamped with the 2018 iPad Pro. It can now be charged via the side mounted connectors and performs much better than the first generation product.

  • IPad Pro 2018 is equipped with the modern A12 Bionic chipset, which is largely considered to be the fastest in tablet space even rivaling some laptops in its speed and processing powers.
  • IPad Pro 2018 is built like a tank as well from solid high grade aluminum and very durable glass on its front.
  • The highest spec iPad Pro 2018 offers 1 TB of storage with 6 GB of RAM, which is the highest in tablet space to date.

All these hardware abilities push the iPad to be one of the strongest contenders as a worthy laptop replacement.

Apple IPads VS Other Tablets for Laptop Replacement

Some other products from different manufacturers try their best to offer laptop replacement functionality as well. These include:

  • Surface Pro from Microsoft comes close to offering a laptop functionality but it has a much chunkier more laptop like form factor. Its heavy and chunky footprint hinders it from being referred to as a tablet in the tech community and more as an ultra-portable laptop instead.
  • Google’s Pixel Slate is also a direct competitor but lacks the true recognition by the market as a tablet or a laptop replacement even. It also doesn’t have a fully optimized apps platform and most apps are just bloated versions of their mobile versions.
  • Many convertible laptops also tempt to provide the two in one usability offering both a laptop and a tablet as and when preferred by the user but can’t be called tablets like the iPads.

Can the IPad Pro 2018 Replace Your Laptop?

As simple as the question actually looks, the answer is a lot more subjective to a lot of factors. The very first one being how you will use your newly purchased product. For casual users like students, basic apps users and many more, the iPad Pro 2018 might just hit the sweet spot. With its ever evolving apps platform, now you can even edit videos to a large extent on it. For more power users that are always editing raw files and need their laptop for high graphic games etc. the iPad might still lack a bit as it is still a tablet.

The bottom line is that if you are a more generalized user and want something really compact, durable, reliable and speedy, the iPad Pro 2018 will be perfect option for you. For business meetings of many types, iPad Rental or iPad Hire will be a great option as well. As soon as it gets a proper file system included in its OS, it will certainly be a worthy laptop replacement for a lot more users. Until then, power users who will store a lot of files and do a lot of graphic intensive tasks will have to make do with traditional laptops or even PCs.

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