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Conventional gloves are bulky, make your hands sweat and block sensory feedback from the bar or dumbbell. Starkerz only cover parts of the hand that are prone to blisters, so you can protect your hands and synchronize your mind body connection with the equipment

Starkerz customers are getting between 20% and 30% less downtime during their workouts.

Who do we make Starkerz for?
Starkerz are for new or elite crossfit athletes (new and elite), gym enthusiasts, weight lifters and even wheelchair users. Bottom line, if you are struggling with torm calluses, then Starkerz have you covered

What are Starkerz?
Starkerz are the first lightweight, strapless, unisex callus guard workout gloves that prevent blisters but allow your hands and grip to strengthen.
Now you can protect your hands and still feel the bar… score

It’s OK to protect your hands
While your friends are at home showing off their ripped hands on Instagram, you’re at the gym working on your muscle ups
When we started Crossfit in 2015, we couldn’t believe how many people didn’t wear hand protection and many thought ripped calluses were cool.

The only problem was, they didn’t come back for days…

We recognized this problem and set out to engineer a great-looking, minimalist Callus Guarding workout Glove… 32 prototypes later, Starkerz were born.

We hated regular gloves (and tried a lot of them). They’re bulky, trap sweat and cover parts of your hand that don’t even touch the equipment.

Starkerz on the other hand, only protect the parts of your hands that are prone to blisters and friction.

Feeling the bar, kettlebell or dumbbell is really important, when you feel the equipment you can make small adjustments to your grip or technique mid-workout and maximize the effectiveness of that movement.

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