Why a Content Writer on Standby is Best for Your Business

Content Writing on Standby Is a Smart Bet for Your Business

Imagine sipping a nice warm latte on a roadside coffee shop with your friend during lunch break. Now, as you are about to the take the first bite of your scrumptious cheese croissant, a question pops up out of nowhere. Your friend asks “how is the content of your website going, any high rankings or leads”? Your mind boggles for a moment. You put the croissant down, give your friend an unpleasing stare with a poker face and start staring into the abyss now knowing how to give your friend a promising answer.

After gathering some courage, you pull yourself together and manages to tell your friend that it’s not going according to your plans. You tell him that you should have taken his advice of opting for content writing services from the beginning and that you are sorry for not listening to him in the first place. Your friend listens to your rants carefully and offers you some compelling reasons why hiring expert writers from online eBook copywriting services is always a safe bet.

Why is the Content Writing Service Important?

Around 42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing. Hence, content marketing plays a significant role in generating revenue. But why do companies seek professional help? I’ll tell you why, beneath a content skyscraper–a secret army of writers is producing billions of new articles every month. Since they are creating heaps of content in such a short amount of time, they quickly lose perspective with quality. Writers are responsible for whacking, warping and whittling words in e-book, articles, blogs, webinars and press releases.

A study claims that around eighty-one per cent of a group of professional say poorly written content wastes their time. These artisans are accountable for running content for marketing. If they screw it up, then the companies’ entire content marketing plan shatters, which leaves them with two options either to hire experts from professional content writing services or polish existing writer’s skills. But who has got the time, right? Therefore, the first option is generally more preferable.

Content Writers for business

I have curated this blog for you that entails all the essential reasons for outsourcing an expert writer and also the things which you must consider before you start making phone calls to an agency.

Reason to Hire a Professional Content Writer:

* Value Addition

Now, you must become a little hesitant towards hiring third party content writers if you believe your in-house content writing team is solid. Partnering with an in-house team may also be heavy on the pocket. But despite the cost, I think hiring from outside could bring more value into your content. Writers from an outside agency tend to bring in more creativity, expertise and professionalism in your content as compared to your in-house writers. An expert knows how to tackle all SEO techniques and the relevant ins and outs of content marketing.

* Diversity in your Content

Creating content that explodes with creativity, fresh and exciting ideas will drive a massive amount of traffic to your websites, with desirable lead generation. Almost every writer has a few limitations and specialities. Not every writer could write on a diverse range of topics. Hiring a professional writer from an agency will allow you to choose writers specializing in specific niches. For instance, you can get a separate writer to create travel articles and a tech writer for curating technical blogs. When different expertise from across the globe gather on one platform bringing in a diverse range of prowess, skill and innovation, your content will speak quality.

* Content Publication on Regular basis

Running a big company is quite challenging. I mean, to be honest, it’s a lot of hard work. You cannot expect a supervisor to manage all content published on his own. With heaps of blogs and articles getting posted every month, your supervisor may need some assistance. To combat this challenge, hiring a professional writer will be a smart thing to do. Possessing sufficient experience in their respective field, expert writers deliver timely content. Owning to their position, they hold accountability for their work. Hence, opt for agencies with short turnaround time. Investigate in great detail about the agencies and their past projects.

* Improved Search Engine Rankings

Professional writers have mastered the art of boosting search engine rankings. It’s a proven fact that companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. Your in-house team might lack SEO skills. It’s better to invest in outsourcing a third party writer instead of giving training to your in-house team of writers, as it could become very time consuming and costly. Your aim should not be to promote products and services through your content, but it should also be able to boost traffic, enhance visibility and increase search engine rankings in Google’s SERP’s. An expert writer will know all the relevant keywords to utilize that the target audience uses when searching for a query.

What should you consider Before Hiring?

* Experience Level

If you have selected an online agency, then it’s evident you conduct proper research on it. Try to dig some insights on all the past projects they have accomplished. Get in touch with past clients they have dealt with. Probe relevant questions and ask about the number of years they have spent in this field. What inspired them and why they wish to continue? Try to get inside their heads and see what they can bring to the table.

* Niche Specialization

A writer specializing in an IT field will not be fit for writing lifestyle articles which require creativity. Consider the expertise and background of the writer. Keep an eye out for variety in terms of various fields when you are looking at a writer’s portfolio. Also, interview the writer if possible. Ask them about what value they can bring to your site. What new ideas they can incorporate in writing your blogs. This way you would know what you are getting yourself into because It’s better to be safe than sorry.

* Set a Budget

Before opting for content writing, set a budget. It will you give you a direction on what you really need to achieve and how far you want to go. Have a payment schedule plan that includes advance payment settlement, payment midway of the project and on completion. Define your payment terms clearly and ensure the blog writing site agrees on it. A budget plan will help you compare various blog writing sites and their rates accurately. It will help you know where you are precisely investing and its desired outcomes.

In a Nut Shell

Even the thought of hiring a content writing service like, Contentscribblers is daunting, and why wouldn’t it be? A company is investing its hard-earned dollars into an agency that doesn’t have an online presence. Hence, it’s essential to conduct valid research before selecting a proficient writer. Therefore, read on as this blog provides you with some helpful tips that might help you look for a writer that best suits your needs.

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