Blockchain-All You Need To Know As Beginners

If you have been reading about cryptocurrency and bitcoins you may have come across the term blockchain quite often. But do you know what is blockchain and what is its function in terms of either digital currency or otherwise. Blockchain in quite simple words and in a beginners’ language will sum up to “chain of blocks”. Yes, that’s exactly what it means in beginners’ language. Now moving onto the technicalities of the term – let’s read what is blockchain?

What Is Blockchain?

Going by the dictionary definition – blockchain is nothing but a digital ledger that keeps a record of all the transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in a chronological order.

Invented in 2008, by one Satoshi Nakamoto to record the transactions of bitcoin cryptocurrency, as a digital public ledger, blockchain is essentially a list of records called blocks that are linked to the previous block through a cryptographic hash of the previous block, and a timestamp thus forming a chain and hence the term – blockchain.

Blockchain Certifications – Why Are They Important?

Certifications add to your skills credibility making you the most likely candidate for that coveted job, or for a promotion in the field of blockchain Certifications are not only important to make you stay ahead of the competition, but they also ensure that you are abreast with the latest happenings in the field of blockchain-based applications. While it is important to get professional blockchain certifications, it is equally important to get the certifications from reputed institute like Central Blockchain Council Of America CBC America.

CBC America offers six major certifications to its students namely – CBCA Cryptocurrency Investment Professional or CBCA CIP, CBCA Cryptocurrency Investment Specialist or CBCA CIS, Blockchain Business Professional or BBP, BBS or Blockchain Business Specialist, Associate Blockchain Engineer or ABE, Senior Blockchain Engineer or SBE.

Each of these certifications are based on the specialized skillset within the blockchain segment. So if you are a blockchain business professional and have a thorough knowledge of all the basic and not so basic concepts, of blockchain including its principles, applications and technologies then you Blockchain Business Professional Certification is for you. As a certified blockchain professional you will have an advantage of getting selected for promotions easily. This apart as a certified blockchain professional your job during the recession and any other company related layoffs remain secure. Hence certifications are not only important for you to enter into the field of blockchain professional but also helps you stay ahead in it.

Who Is A Blockchain specialist?

A blockchain specialist who is certified as well, is a professional who has a deep knowledge about blockchain and knows the nitty-gritties of blockchain for instance what is blockchain and how it works and uses the same knowledge to create blockchain-based applications for various organizations and companies. If you want to become a blockchain specialist, then along with your required degree or associate course you also need professional certifications from reputed blockchain certification institute like CBC America.

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