Best Practices for Ecommerce App Development As Told By Industry Experts

The vast number of smartphone users worldwide has forced many brands to open online stores or face existential threats elsewise. But the good news for these business folks is that since the demand for professional ecommerce app development has touched its peak, the production cost for enterprise mobility software has dropped. The important word however that we would like you to focus on is PROFESSIONAL as about 80% of the online customers switch to the app of the competitors, after having a bad experience.

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So we at DevBatch a professional e-commerce development company in the USA, have collected tips from industry experts on how to deliver professional e-commerce app development services. DevBatch also offers you to hire dedicated developers on hourly and project basis from them.

“Unclutter the UI & Use Uncomplicated Designs” – Gerald J. Matthews, Senior iOS Developer

As compared to desktop, a mobile screen offers much little screen space which means that you cannot get the screen all cluttered up. If the home screen is all messy it only leads to more confusion. The simpler and straightforward the design, the more effective it is. Avoid using long, complex sentence structure for better readability.

“High-Resolution Images Never Fail to Impress” – Valencia Holman, Graphic Designer

You should use highest resolution images that you possibly can without compromising your ecommerce app development functionality. Because images help the audience to visualize the product or the service and its benefits. These images will highlight why the customers should use your product. Also, we encourage the use of colors that will match the theme of the brand, for buttons that promote action should be bolder to attract attention.

“Say No to Automatic Carousels”- Todd Knowles, Senior Android Developer

Carousels are all very well for brand promotion in e-commerce sites but when you automate, you break one core rule of navigation. This rule instigates that the visitor or the user should always be in control so when you automate the carousels, you risk potential customers’ frustration on not being able to find the thing that caught his/ her eye in the first place. Needless to say, that customer will likely to abandon the site soon after. Use static images as they are more understandable on small mobile screens.

“Facilitate the Purchase in Your Mobile App Design” – Ryan Burkholder, E-commerce Specialist

Your app design and development should facilitate your customers’ in the final purchase. Because that’s the main reason you go to all the trouble right? To bring in the profit and sales. So the design should have a functional smooth cart & check out procedure. You should opt for guest purchases too. You should design an easy route for customers to reach the product they like so they can easily buy it. You can enable tags for favorites so that your customers can navigate your e-store without losing their favorite objects. Another thing to be considered when developing your store is that all the promotions should be shown on the exit page and not before the customers have checkout to avoid causing offense.


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